Is Obama's Dreams From My Father most personal presidential memoire?

I’m no expert on presidential memoirs, but as I’m reading Dreams From My Father, I can’t help but think how interesting it is to have such an in-depth, personal account from the man who will soon be our president.

I’ve read plenty of books about different presidents (Lincoln, FDR) and books that provided a lot of insight into the lives of certain presidents (Nixon and Mao, American Gospel, 1776), but this, aside from The Audacity of Hope, is the first autobiography written by a president (even though he wasn’t president when he wrote it).

Even compared to his second and more popular book, Obama’s first book is far more honest than anything I’ve ever read by a politician, probably because he wasn’t a politician when he wrote it.

Are there other presidential autobiographies like this?

I haven’t read them, but Ulysses S. Grant’s memoirs might belong in this category.

Jimmy Carter’s written a couple of books about his life, and about his mother. I haven’t read them, or Obama’s books either, but they seem pretty personal and autobiographical.