Is "opaque couché" (Pantone 448C) the ugliest color in the world?

Nice detective work!
I guess we get what we are willing to pay for with journalism nowadays.

Ha–I have a silk skirt just that color. Well, it’s hard to tell, since the skirt is in real space in my closet, and I’m looking at the color on a computer.

I’ve had it for years. The color was decribed as “tobacco.”

So that seems like a perfectly appropriate package color for cigarettes to me.

What am I missing? Just looks black to me. I clicked on the other link in the article,and got another square and that just looked black, too. Like the label colors of really expensive lines of designer brands.

I’ve finally found someone who agrees with me!

Just like “what’s your favorite color?”. It’s a meaningless question to me, because, well, favorite color for what? And there’re too many colors within a group; I love chartreusey, acidy yellow green but am less fond of huntery, foresty greens. But the forest greens can look great with the right support colors.

Ugly unless you are in the Army!

First thing I thought was “looks like olive drab”. If I was an old Army guy, I might just light one up and think of all the good times I had w/ my mates.

Gah. How many meetings and wasted time was spent on this pointless task.

Well, 1970s refrigerator avocado is different from metallic goat-vomit green (which is a color I see adorning certain car models like the Kia Soul).

Interestingly, “opaque couché” is not far from the color of our Batmobile (it’s actually a couple of shades darker).

Anyway, smokers are die-hard enough that you could cover the packs with flashing neon print (“DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH”) and they’d still light up.

Yeah, I pulled out my Pantone book and was surprised it was such a… nothing color. There are whole pages in the pukey-greenish-yellowish-grayish range that are much worse, and in fact should be illegal except for cigarette packaging.

I like the more greenish color; it would look good on me. The other one in the OP was ok too; just looked like taupe.

There’s been a big push over the last few years to reduce the (already pretty small by international standards) smoking rates here, and it’s working.

I for one welcome our Drab Olive overlords…

They wanted to call it “olive green” but the olive association complained because that would sully the reputation of the olive. I kid you not.

The colour is now described officially as a ‘drab dark brown’, after its initial description by the Australian government of ‘olive green’ was disputed by the Australian Olive Association for sullying the reputation of the olive.

That’s amazing! You must have really done some digging to find that. Did you have to read the * whole thread*? :wink:

Sorry, I got the link from your post but missed where you mentioned the olive green bit, so no I didn’t read every bit of the thread.

Does anyone think less attractive and eye-catching packaging may prevent some young people from starting to smoke?

I realize that smokers are going to smoke until they personally decide not to, and there’s little that can hurry that along other than personal experiences, like losing someone to cancer or heart disease. The best way to spend “stop smoking” dollars is on getting young people not to start in the first place. It’s pretty rare for someone to start after about age 24 (it happens, when a 27-year-old non-smoker marries a smoker, for example, but it’s a statistical outlier).

If ugly packages make smoking less fun, maybe it will cut down on smoking among 12-16 year olds, and this is where your hard core smokers come from. Even if it only cute it by 5%, it’s probably worth it. Besides, there may be a domino effect: A doesn’t start because the packages aren’t fun to flash, and then B doesn’t start because A didn’t.

I’m assuming that because they put so much time into choosing the color, they must have put some time into researching whether this would be at all effective.

Am I wrong?

If pictures of diseased lungs don’t stop people from smoking, bad colour choices sure as hell won’t stop them either.

Somebody’s mixed up. The color in the Metro article appears to be this rather than this and actual Australian packaging seems to be between the two.

I forgot about the pictures of diseased body parts. Yeah, I just looked at the labels. I don’t know that the color will make that much of a difference. I was thinking in terms of US packaging.

It’s in that broad spectrum described as ‘baby-sh!t brown’.

Variations available, depending on diet etc.

I was an occasional smoker for about five two-or-three-month stretches, scattered across a decade, and there were a few times during these periods when I thought about buying a pack of cigs, then decided not to after seeing the awful warnings with pictures of missing jaw surgery and the like. This was all outside the US.

But for most truly addicted smokers, I suspect you’re right. I think the main target audience are folks (mainly young) who are thinking about giving it a try.