Horror pics on cig packets

Not content with warnings on packets and endless TV ads telling us about the dangers of smoking, the UK Govt. have now decided to put horror pics on packets showing diseased organs caused by smoking.

Listen you fucksponges we know about the dangers so what’s the frigging point of continually ramming it down our throats. If we are going to stop smoking we will, so just leave it at that.

Jesus on an oil burner…don’t you think you could spend the money on more pressing issues, I’ll list a few in case they’ve escaped your miniscule globs of what passes for brains.

  1. Litter strewing our streets making the UK look like the biggest fucking landfill since Krakatoa.
  2. Steams of illegals flooding into our already overcrowded islands.
  3. Mob rule taking over the inner cities
  4. The gun and knife culture prevalent in todays youth
  5. Last but by no means least…get the troops out of Iraq, they are not wanted there, either by us or the Iraqi people

Bastard fucking Govt. twat hairs

We’ve had 'em in Canada for a while, now. No outbreak of totalitarianism has been apparent, nor has the Dominion abandoned its responsibilities at a higher than usual rate.

Why can’t the do-gooding nannyists realise that some people like smoking and want to carry on doing it, no matter what kind of images they get bombarded with?

I like this.

And I’m not too bothered by the horror pics. If it puts a few kids off smoking then that’s good. But as long as I keep getting packets of cheap European rolling tobacco then I won’t notice - just as I’m not bothered about French health warnings, as I can’t translate them.

And the horrendous rotten mouth picture makes my own yellowed smile look positively Tom Cruise in comparison.

I never thought the horror pic packs were very effective. When they first came out here I was among the youngest group of (legal) smokers, and people my age anyway seemed to go out of their way to hide the pictures - stickers, metal cases, replacing the sleeve with novelty ones, etc. I don’t think the gross pics were scaring anyone into changing their ways, they just were unpleasant to look at and so weren’t looked at, and what’s the point in that?

However, on the inside back of the outer sleeve, there were tips for quitting. Now that I think is a great idea. Why not emblazon that on the outside? Nobody is going to bother hiding that, so I could see that sitting out on the bar while having a beer, or idly read during a smoke break at work, and eventually seeping into the subconscious a bit.

Well you can’t see anything resembling a ciggie in a bar now can you?

Unless it’s a plastic look-alike-ciggie which some loonies have stuck in their gobs.
Allus reminds me of a tampon sleeve :smiley:

One thing I’ve been wondering:

Have smoking rates gone down as a result of those pictures?

Yep. Must have been a smoker that came up with that.

It’s when obnoxious non-smokers tell you to quit that makes you want to light up just to spite them.

It’s something that reflects that given momentum the extremists can get things passed, before rational people can react. I hate smoking, but those pictures are too extreme. They warn people that something can pose a risk, and then when they say I don’t care, they try to make smokers stop by posting gross pictures. Stupid! Let people worry about what they do to themselves. I class it up there with PETA for obnoxious antics. Now I do support no smoking in offices, where people have to work together.

The how to quit text is a great idea. I’m glad to hear they have that.

I think this is great. I have three very nice old cigarette cases that will now be worth a little change on e-bay. Also, I always liked using a case more than the pack, anyway. It’ll help make smoking cultured and refined again.

They’ve had them in Thailand for a couple of years.

A few times I’ve been into a shop and asked for cigs, and the shopkeeper has asked, with a smile, “lungs or teeth?”

The rotting teeth were particularly good as they were printed over the edge of opening on the hard packs, allowing you to make them talk.

I suspect the consumer pays for the printing costs not the Govt. The govt just mandates it.

They should have specified the pictures had to be high-def gold-leaf holograms to slap on a hefty price rise.

I want to see those pictures! Anyone got a link?

I suspect the goal is not so much to get people to quit as to get people not to start. If the guy you’re thinking of bumming a smoke from pulls out a pack with some cancer ridden lung painted on it, you might not think he’s or it’s all that cool.

It smacks of bloody fetal images in pro-life demonstrations.

What it reminds me of is the cigarette microbrand DEATH from about 10-15 years ago. They were enormously popular with the 18-21 set.

Are kids who own the DVDs of all the Hostel and Saw movies really going to be discouraged by a little gore?

The one thing that makes me think that this might be a good idea is that kids are terribly vain. Tell them that smoking will take 10 years off of their life, and they are unlikely to care. They’re immortal, after all. Tell them that smoking will give them imphansemia, brontosykus, and other big unpronouceable words, and they’ll look at you like a lobster looks at a joke.

Thel them that they’ll turn ugly and Becky Sue might not make out with them, that might hit home.

Or they might thinks it’s lame.

When I smoked a number of my friends and I would enjoy the “harm your kids” or “smoking during pregnancy does ect” ones because we didn’t have kids and couldn’t get pregnant (being males) so those packs did nothing to harm us. :wink:

I look at cigarette warnings/pics/scare tactics like I do the safety speech by a flight attendant on an airplane- We all know the speech, but the reason we know it is because they hammer it into our heads every trip. Thus, we all know cigs are bad for us, because it is repeated constantly.

There’s a pic of a miscarriage on one of the Asian packs.