Is our WTC news being censored?

  1. Lots of news outlets were reporting 5 and even 6 for a time and speculating about more. There was considerable confusion over reports coming in regarding the Pa plane stemming from reports of a crash near camp david and from reports of a plane being tracked coming in after it had crashed.

  2. I have heard a pilots seat was found and in the vicinity a leg which was speculated to be part of a hijacker. I have heard many reports of the stewardess and others that people strapped in seats have been found. Apparently pieces of the aircraft were found blocks from the towers. One reporter mentioned seeing a jet engine on the street before the towers collapsed.

I am incredulous about the 83 story fall. Even if he somehow survived 20 stories colapsing above him and 80 below he would have landed in a fireball. One credible witness reported watching cars in a nearby lot exploding from the heat.