Is Pibgorn Kaput?

I went to the comics page for my Friday morning fix of Pibgorn and the links are dead.

A quick google search turns up old news with the exception of one comment by a reader who claims Brooke announced the end of the strip on 4-18-07.

Anybody else know of a direct quote or story.

I’m sure going to miss the comic strip if its true that he’s quitting it.

Sorry to hear it, but Brooke was clearly losing interest. He cut back to three a week and spent forever on that “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” which eliminated the need for him to write a story.

I was also concerned about the economics of it. Did it appear in any newspapers? The syndicate wasn’t making much on it. It struck me as a time-consuming side project that Brooke was losing interest in.

I’d love to have all the strips collected, but I’m not surprised it’s gone.

I got nothing. And just when it looked like it was getting interesting.

Brooke asked to be released from his contract with the syndicate, and promises that Pibgorn will return in a “new home”–but as for where and when, no one is saying. What’s unclear to me is why this happened so abruptly, cutting off the comic just a few weeks into a new story arc and ending on a cliffhanger.

How do you know this? (not criticizing, I’d just like to read the story if you have a link)

He’s producing a daily strip without much, if any, help (I’m willing to be corrected on this point). If Pibgorn is a labor of love, it’s probably best that it be that, don’t you think, rather than an unpaid chore? Here’s a guy whose strengths are drawing pin-up-quality women and writing believeable dialogue for a certain range of ages and both sexes, and a small talent for absurdity. Narrative has never been the hook with Chickweed, and any mythology (like Pibgorn)requires narrative by the carefully-crafted ton. So his daily comes naturally and Pibgorn does not. Okay. I hope he doesn’t give either up, ever, but I’d be a fan of either one even without the other. Interestingly, all links to Pibgorn seem to be broken except the e-mail address for ordering the one profitable product (the first book) it has yet produced.

I want his Midsummer series in Trade Paperback form.


E-mail from Brooke posted on another forum, hence no linky. The message was frustratingly vague, stating only that the “needs” of and Pibgorn had grown “divergent and incompatible.” Possibly this means he wants the strip to be even more adult in content; or perhaps he was getting too much flak from about the degree of adult content already present (both possibilities being pure speculation on my part).

ETA: What Bosda said. In spades.

Maybe we will see something public in the next few days. I’d like to know if he plans to take it somewhere else.

The SDMB is my only personal web subscription. Pibgorn could entice me into another if it goes to a subscription service.

Well, at least Chickweed Lane is still going.

If I ever get a desire to change my username Pibgorn Kaput is near the top of the list.


Contact him, & ask for it!

Here’s a copy of the announcement as posted on the Comics Curmudgeon, the hilarious comics blog by Josh Fruhlinger.

I emailed Brooke months ago, about whether or not the Pibgorn Shakespeare adaptation would come out as a graphic novel.

Letter & reply below–

His reply–

From the Official Pibgorn Livejournal, dated May 7thNews from the Pib Front: Everything’s Up To Date in Kansas City
The deal is done.

“Pibgorn” will now appear on, your friendly comics purveyor in the “Show-Me” state. At present, the plan is that Pib will go live commencing on May 14th. Because a lion’s share of Pib readers missed the beginning of the present story when it appeared on, I decided to start it over, with Geoff wandering into that secluded lake, oblivious to the events about to overtake him. For those of you who did see it, bear with me. I’d rather do it this way; it provides a sense of continuity, and it gives me some time to work ahead (seriously, sometimes “Pibgorn” installments are finished 12 hours before they go online).

Stay tuned here just in case the inaugural date changes – but I’m sure the 14th is it.


Yay! Way to feed my Pibgorn addiction, Brooke.