Is Planned Parenthood a racist organization?

This video is circulating on FaceBook. “Big Joe” has some pretty strong feelings about Planned Parenthood, and Margaret Sanger. He asserts that Margret Sanger’s goal was to eliminate the Black race through sterilization and that Planned Parenthood is a racist organization and that NO MONEY should go toward Planned Parenthood. (The video plays like an episode of Jerry Springer, but apparently this kind of discourse happens in real life, with actual real people.)

I admit I did not know much about the history of Planned Parenthood, so I did some reading this past week. I understand that Margaret Sanger was a follower of the eugenics movement, and from what I’m gathering she believed in “better breeding” by keeping “poor breeders” from procreating through the use of birth control. From what I’ve read so far, her definition of the “poor breeders” was not so much based on race, but on the “poor, feeble-minded, and reckless”. Of course that would have included Blacks, but it seems to me her goal was ridding the population of the what she deemed the “unfit”, in a general sense not related specifically to race. * Some screwed up thinking for sure*, but was her goal to eliminate the Black race or is that a conspiracy theory?

I’m also seeing that pro-lifers use this theory as a way to further the pro-life agenda, but I’ve read that Sanger did not believe in abortion, hence her lifelong push for birth control as a way to prevent women from having to have abortions. It appears that PP did not even begin performing abortions until after Sanger’s death. It seems that many groups hold up Sanger’s belief in eugenics is a way to push harder for defunding PP today.

But it’s 2017. Is Planned Parenthood a racist organization today? Do lots of people really believe this, or just the “Big Joes” of our society? I find this hard to believe, but school me on this y’all.

I’ve never heard of “Big Joe” before, but the 15 seconds of that video I just watched was an excellent argument in favor of eugenics.

File it along with “the CIA introduced crack to destroy black neighborhoods” and “AIDS was created to kill black people”. It may start from some inkling of truth* but is blown up in delusional/dishonest ways in order to facilitate ax grinding.

*E.g.: The US government has not been diligent enough in taking care of black Americans.

Ha! Agreed…but as I said, this has gone viral and people believe this man to be spouting “truth”. Like LOTS of people. That scares me a little when I see this on friends’ feeds and their comments are all like, “hell yeah”. I thought I knew my friends, but now I’m questioning that in more than a few cases.

One of the underrated functions of Facebook is to reveal which of the people you know have nasty/kooky beliefs.

I agree. I would hate this see this fact turned on Planned Parenthood, as it provides necessary services for all women.

Many early progressives were big on eugenics, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she was too. But I don’t think that’s relevant to the organization today.

There’s a quote from Margaret Sanger that I’ve seen twisted by these people to try to give the impression that she was racist. She was working to get birth control to poor families in the south, especially blacks, and from what I’ve read she was not so much trying to keep their numbers down, as she was wanting to give them a say in their reproduction and a better chance out of poverty.

But the quote (off the top of my head) was along the lines of “we should work with the black clergy, so the people don’t get the impression that we’re trying to end the black race.” The nuts take this nice quote and twist it to imply that she was saying that she really did want to kill off the black race but wanted to use the black clergy to cover it up. These people are truly despicable.

Yes, CurtC. The quote is “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” According to the NYU Margret Sangers Papers project, she did not want the community to get the mistaken idea that that was the goal. It seems this quote is presented today to say that she actually had a sinister plot to exterminate all blacks and she didn’t want the community to know of this.

Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood almost a century ago and has been dead for 50 years.

Ask Big Joe if Ford is anti-Semitic because Henry Ford didn’t like Jews.

Is Planned Parenthood sexist? What do they do to provide necessary services for men?

Spin that argument around. Many early promoters of eugenics were profoundly racist. The protection and promotion of the “pure white race” was the objective. Don’t want no muscular young black bucks takin’ our white wimmin and popping out hordes of mulatto babies. See also any Fu Manchu movie.

Keep women alive? I’m all for that! Who’s going to make me sammiches?

They provide fertility treatments for both sexes, when couples are having difficulty conceiving. They work for parenthood more often than against it!

Have men historically has a problem accessing birth control? If a man does not have access to birth control, is he at risk for an unwanted pregnancy?

I suppose PP should be under fire for not referring as many men for abortions as they do women. Sexist bastards.

This is true. But that doesn’t mean all were, and it seems there isn’t clear evidence that Sanger was.

"In 1946, Sanger wrote about the importance of giving “Negro” parents a choice in how many children they would have.

“The Negro race has reached a place in its history when every possible effort should be made to have every Negro child count as a valuable contribution to the future of America,” she wrote. “Negro parents, like all parents, must create the next generation from strength, not from weakness; from health, not from despair.”

Her attitude toward African-Americans can certainly be viewed as paternalistic, but there is no evidence she subscribed to the more racist ideas of the time or that she coerced black women into using birth control. In fact, for her time, as the Washington Post noted, “she would likely be considered to have advanced views on race relations.” Full article here.

I’m not saying she “100% wasn’t racist”, but I’m not sure you could say that about many whites in the 1940’s. There is a difference being saying she may have held some racist beliefs of the times vs. saying her goal was to exterminate the entire black race and because of that we should defund PP in 2017.

Back in the day, many pharmacists would tell a boy’s parents if he came in to buy condoms. :mad:

Racism was part of the fabric of society back then, so by definition pretty much everything was racist, including Planned Parenthood. And unions. And Republicans. And Democrats. And Abraham Lincoln.

Is Planned Parenthood racist today? No.

Yes, but you know “boys will be boys” and all…he may have gotten a stern talkin’ to. Can you imagine if a girl had tried to buy condoms? Not sure the scenario would play out the same way back in the day.

Uuuum, he is most definitely at risk, and on the hook to financially support “woman’s body, woman’s choice” against his will for at least 18 years.