Is pulque any good?

Pulque, or octli, is a sort of wine or beer made from the agave plant (also the basis for tequila) that they’ve been making in Mexico since Aztec times. I’ve read about it in Gary Jennings’ novel Aztec and sequels, but neither they nor the Wikipedia article give any hint what the stuff tastes like, except that it’s sour. Does anybody know?


It tastes like Mezcal mixed with Sake mixed with expired Horchata. But strangely not that strong - takes about ten of them to get you drunk.

And woe betide the drinker who gets some older stuff. It goes bad in about a day.

I remember kneeling in an alley in Ciudad Acuña puking for about 3 hours courtesy of drinking pulque. The next day, I could still taste and smell the stuff and my hangover seemed to last forever.

Had some in a bar once in Mexico City. I was expecting it to be foul-tasting, but it really was not bad. I found it rather mild, too, but I did not have much.

So, if I take a bunch of agave syrup, dilute it with water to get an OG of around, I dunno, 1.050, and pitch some yeast, will I basically get pulque?