Is Raj gay?

Rajesh Ramayan “Raj” Koothrappali of The Big Bang Theory

In the immortal words of Bernadette: “Metrosexual, my ass.”


I’m honestly not sure. I know there’s the whole Raj / Howard gay vibe, but Raj has (or at least claims to have) had several girlfriends over the length of the series. I picked “bisexual”, but it was a tough call.

I haven’t watched BBT in ages. Has there been some new development with him? The Raj I remember was horribly unlucky with women but totally into them.

Of course not. He’s into women. The writers are just playing with our cultural assumptions about how straight guys must act.

if he were gay he wouldn’t have his psychological issues with talking to women.

Total frustrated hetro horndog.

He’s not gay. He’s not straight. He’s not bi. He’s not asexual. Take your pick from what’s left.


Of course, that could just mean he has amorous inclinations towards kitchenware.

  • Slept with that fat girl
  • Slept with (drunk) Penny
  • Hit on summer Glau
    Not gay.

Didn’t Leonard’s mum call his relationship with Howard as an ersatz gay marriage?

I’ve stopped watching TBBT during daytime, they cut out all the best lines. Have we all noticed this?

Raj is lounging at his huge desk filling most of Sheldon’s office…

Sheldon: It’s size is entirely inappropriate to it’s purpose!
Raj: Given that it’s purpose is to piss you off I’d say it’s just right.
Edited down to:

Sheldon: It’s size is entirely inappropriate to it’s purpose!
Raj: I’d say it’s just right.

They removed the fracking joke!

Not gay.

In addition to Small Clanger’s list, he turned down the opportunity to add Leonard and Howard to the Dr. Plimpton train so he could ride solo.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. I never bought into the “he’s gay” substory. He may be feminine and not realize the entendres he drops. He also may be exquisitely lonesome and overly physical with his male counterparts but it’s really not homosexuality. I’ve never seen anything that he did and thought “wow. maybe he’s gay?”

He only literally slept with Penny. They feel asleep, nothing else happened.

Not gay.
Slightly effeminate, perhaps, and ignorant of how he comes across to others, but his heterosexuality is pretty well established.

not exactly true. He climaxed prematurely while he (or was it Penny) was putting the condom in place.

Not gay.

He had a thing with that deaf girl who dumped him when his parents threatened to cut off the money supply. Definitely straight, despite the Howard/Raj couple gags.

Not gay. sigh

Rats has the real proof. A gay man would have been all about the other guys joining in.

There was also the Halloween Party girl (she was drunk but he wasn’t - she complimented him on his litening skills)