Is "" legit?

I was wondering if redeeming the points I’ve collected from the current Coke products promotion for a gift certificate would be worth it? Has anyone here had experience, good or bad, with this company?

I have a coworker who just showed it to me. She and her husband use the gift certificates all the time (please note that there are some limitations clearly marked for you.) Also, if you google “ discount” there’s almost always a discount code. I haven’t tried it yet, but she reports no problems and they do use it frequently.

I haven’t tried them, for the sole reason that their restaurant selection is extremely poor. In the Des Moines metro area (population about 600,000) they have under ten restaurants, and none of them that I would consider eating at.

My girlfriend and I started using about three months ago and my brother’s been using it for about a year. It works like a charm! There are limitations on a lot of coupons, but they’re easy to qualify for. For example, on some of the $25 gift certificates my girlfriend redeemed the details stated that there had to be at least two people in our party and we both had to order entrees. There’s also a lot of online coupons that drop down the porices of the coupons even lower, I believe CRAVE is one.

Try it. It’s one of the best ways there is to try new restaurants on the cheap.

I use in spurts - sometimes twice a month, sometimes once every two months. Never once had the slightest problem. Just pay attention - you have to often spend a certain amount to get the discount. I have one restaurant that disregards this if you’re a few dollars short.

I love it, and can’t speak highly enough of it. I’m in Pittsburgh, FYI.

I’m in L.A., and have used it on occasion. Most restaurants that subscribe to the service have a policy that includes Sunday through Thursday dining only, a $50 minimum purchase, and a two beverage minimum.