Is Richard Corben dead? [He died 12-02-2020]

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I heard Richard Corbin died on the 2nd, but I haven’t seen anything in the news. Does anyone have info?

You spelled his name wrong. Wiki says he died following heart surgery.


Now I get news hits! Thank you.

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His Bodyssey was so very over the top hilarious.

Awwwwwww maaaaaan. Crap. Suck-ness. I love his work. Love his work more than Frazetta, more than Vallejo. Den in particular is something I often recall fondly.

RIP Mr. Corben; you done fantastic.

Whenever I hear the phrase “big swingin’ dick” I think of Den.

There’s a movie in the works.

To Meet the Faces You Meet is a feature-length independent science fiction film based on the 1972 underground comic Fever Dreams written by Jan Strnad (DC Comics, Disney, Heavy Metal ) and illustrated by Richard Corben ( Heavy Metal , Fantagor , Dark Horse Comics). The film is animated and directed by J. Allen Williams ( Darkstar: The Interactive Movie , Everything ), who co-wrote the screenplay with Strnad.

I hadn’t heard about this. Sorry to hear it.

I’m surprised about his doing the work for Siegfried Saves Metropolis – I was reading Famous Monsters at the time, and remember that – they published pictures from it in the magazine (I think I still have my copy).

They animated his Den for the movie Heavy Metal, but he himself had basically animated the same story years earlier as Neverwhere. Here it is:

Well. Damn. He was good, very good. I first got into his art as a kid reading Creepy magazine, then a little later discovered his fantastic work in underground horror comix. His work held me as a fan right up until recently. Nearly every panel the man drew looked three-dimensional. Nobody could bring ghastly horror to visual life like he could Thank you, Mr. Corben, and rest in peace. You did what you did really well, sir, as well as anyone who ever worked in the field, and managed a good long run, too.