Richard Libertini has died

Character actor Richard Libertini has passed away, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

You may not know the name, but if you watched TV or movies at all in the 1970s and 80s, you will surely recognize his face. He was one of those actors who seemed to show up everywhere, and almost always delivered a funny, engaging performance.

I know it’s the age that I’m at now, but a lot of people I’ve known since childhood seem to be passing on recently. :frowning:

He was in THE IN-LAWS, which last I checked meant he could do no wrong.

I remember him as Fletch’s boss and also as the goofy mystic in All Of Me.

I was a big fan. He was absolutely perfect as George W. Geezil in Altman’s Popeye. Geezil was a major character in the comic strip (as Wimpy’s foil), but never made it to the cartoon version. But Libertini was perfect visually.

I didn’t recognize his name but I recognized his face instantly, and it brought a smile to mine.

Feex bowl, backy bowl!

I’m going to have to garnish your wages!

ETA: We still say “backy bowl? Backy bowl?” around the house at least once a month.

Definitely a well known face. He was in everything on TV and in the movies. He was a special kind of guy, you knew when you saw him he wasn’t playing an ordinary person. There’s gonna be a great concert in Heaven tonight Richard, you picked a good day to go.

Remember him in “Going Berzerk” with John Candy.

Ditto on the first part, but instead of a smile I went, “Oohhh, HIM!” in a sad tone.

I remember him from so many things, but he will always be Prakah Lahka from Steve Martin’s All of Me.
“Back in bowl! Back in bowl!”

That and him confusing the phone and the toilet and constantly flushing it while going

“Brrrringggg! Brrrringggg!”

Awwwwww man. :mad: He was one of my favorite character actors, right up there with Harry Dean Stanton and Keith David.