Dennis Farina has died.

News here. He was 69.

Dang! Another Little Rascal gone. OK, just kidding. I know who [Dennis] Farina really is.

One of my all-time favorite shows in the 80s was CRIME STORY, which Farina was the lead of. That was a Michael Mann show and Farina had worked with him theatrically as well (THIEF, MANHUNTER). He brought real gravity to the show (it didn’t hurt that he used to be a real cop).

He also was in two of the most entertaining films of the 90s as well–playing polar opposite characters in OUT OF SIGHT and GET SHORTY but being indispensable in both those roles.


He was certainly born to play his main character role of a tough guy on one side of the law or the other. RIP Dennis.

Loved him in “Minight Run”


I’ll always remember him from Crime Story, although of course he had a great career overall. Rest in peace Dennis.

Damn shame. He was always interesting to watch, even if what he was in, wasn’t.

Incidentally, when I clicked on the link, the Google ad right above the picture of Farina in white tux with a martini read, “Is he cheating on you?”

If he’s going out at night dressed like that? Yeah, probably.

Loved him in Snatch. One of the best castings for type ever.

He most recently was on New Girl playing one of the guy’s father. They won’t be having any replacement problems, though. He had one guest star appearance and then his character died.

Still, damn.

Bad timing, had he died a few weeks back maybe he could have gotten a guest actor Emmy sympathy nomination nod. :frowning:

Chicago people (or Cubs fans) might also remember his Old Style ads. “It’s our beer, and they can’t have it.”

That would be “Farina”, not “Alfalfa”-very funny.:smiley:

He was so in The Little Rascals! He just spent a lot of t ime in the sun, is all.

“You pull the trigger on Ray Barboni in a dream, you better wake up and apologize.”

Last time I watched Snatch I thought yannow, he’s gonna be gone soon and it’s gonna suck when that happens. And it does.

Aye, he was perfect for that role. Loved him in Get Shorty as well. RIP, Mr. Farina.

I really enjoyed his all-too-short turn on Law & Order.

He will be missed.

A tough few weeks for the supporting cast of “Get Shorty” (which I loved him in). Somebody should check in on Danny deVito and Gene Hackman.

“They say the fucking smog is the fucking reason the fucking sunsets are so fucking beautiful.”

Deja Vu for me, in a way. I thought he had died a year or so ago. Not sure what news story I heard that I misunderstood, but I was sure he was dead. Bummed me out, I really liked the grittiness he brought to a role.

Then I find out he’s not dead. Yay!!!

Now, shit, he’s dead. To me, he was born to play the L&O character, the tough cop who has to fight himself to stay on the right side of the regulations.

RIP Dennis. Goddamnit.

Crime Story: first cop show I ever really liked, and it was because of Farina. So sad to learn he’s gone.

TV won’t be the same without him. :frowning:

Rene Russo’s been missing for years.