Lennie's replacement, what's his story?

I missed the first** L & O ** this week, so I didn’t see how they introduced Lennie Briscoe’s replacement played by Denis Farina? What’s the background on this guy(and name please) with the expensive shirts and car?

Well, he carries his cash in a money clip. I think he wears a pinky ring. The implication is “mob background.” Det. Joe Fontana, played by the awesome Dennis Farina.

I think he’s probably connected, although maybe not “made.” I’m sure they’ll keep the details delightfully vague, leading to many interesting plots.

I haven’t decided yet whether I like the character; then again, Lenny’s bound to be a hard act to follow.

Fontana said he transferred precincts because he didn’t get along with his Lt.

Det. Green also said (in private to Van Buren) that he didn’t know if Fontana was a cop or a wiseguy when they first met.

I do find it funny that Denis Farina is playing a cop, since he used to be one.