Is Saint Cad so worthless he's not worth a Pitting?

Saint Cad has been “flying under the radar.” He’s not as pompously anal retentive as Bricker, nor as stupid as HurricaneDitka. I barely notice most of the Dopers, but Cad has been pinging me for years and the camel’s back finally broke.

I think he’s been feeling left out and is bitter that the rational thinkers here haven’t bothered to Pit him. As evidence, note that he just had a case of diarrhea in one of the threads and excreted the following:

I’ll guess this doesn’t even make the Top Ten list of Saint Cad asininities. Post your own favorites in this thread, please!

Chronos immediately tried to smarten The Cad up a bit:

… but I thought the Pit might be appropriate for more detailed teaching aimed at Saint Cad, assuming he can be toilet-trained at all.

BTW, IIRC, the issue of absentee military votes in Florida — which kept Al Gore out of the White House — went down rather differently than either Chronos or The Cad recalls.

Some of those military ballots failed to meet a deadline, and by law should have been discarded, as happened with other delinquent absentee ballots. Everyone knew that following the law on those ballots would benefit the Democrats. Surely R’s would have followed the law strictly if it benefited them, but only a few D’s wanted to. A large majority(?) of D’s, including Al Gore himself, agreed that out of respect for the military these illegal ballots would be counted even though it was certain that a large majority of Army Privates vote R.

But Cad hideously blames the D’s who wanted to follow the law. Any guesses how this buffoon would prattle if situation were reversed?

The quote above comes from a thread about the GOP deliberately robbing thousands of Native Americans in North Dakota of the right to vote.  College students may also be affected, not by coincidence also a group that votes strongly D.  This larceny could easily cost the D's the Senate as incumbent Heidi Heitkamp(D) is in a very close election.  Similar shenanigans are playing out in other states.

**Bricker** also couldn't make it to the bathroom in time and had to drop some stinky turds in that thread.  He and **The Cad** think the law is on their side, citing *Retchitt, Grimy, & Snide vs American Democracy  319 U.S. 666*.

[QUOTE=Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands]
If the law supposes that, the law is a ass - a idiot.

When asked if a legal action could be immoral, the right-wing oafs — always eager to babble about morality when they want to defend their ilk's homophobia or misogyny — had nothing to say.

Yes to your title, basically. He’s simple to put on ignore and not lose out on anything.

Plus he’s got a pity party thread going on, so I see no need to actually give him what he wants.

He’s not nearly as worthy as Jack Batty was back in 2015.