Is "Save Enterprise" working?

I’m a bit more optimistic than some of the posters here. I say that there have been three good (anomaly, raijin, impulse), one mediocre (xindi) and one below-average (you know what)

Still, if you look at season two, the last half (from “the crossing” forward) has been anywhere from above-average (horizon, etc) to excellent (regeneration, cogenitor). So, I’m hoping that this is a trend.

Also note the DS9-like progression. Pretty solid first season, good first few episodes of second season, descending into mediocrity, good second half, series-changing “second pilot”, leading to a solid 3rd season. Hope so, anyway.

Yes, even without an arc, the last half of season 2 was pretty good. I would rate Cogenitor as on par with some of the best of TNG.

Still not on par with the absolute best of TNG or TOS, but damn good anyways.

I miscounted in my OP. It’s 2-2-1 or 3-1-1 depending on how the Star Wars Pirates episode is viewed. I guess I give it 3 ½ stars, instead of the 3 I felt at first. The space fight at the end really pulled it up.