Is "Save Enterprise" working?

Well, we’ve gone through five episodes of the new arc, if you count last season’s last episode.

Had two pretty good eps, two average eps, and one stinker.

Not counting the last ep last season which set up the arc, we are 2-1-1.
So far, even the stinker has advanced the arc. It seems to be going well. Insider talk points to some stellar episodes coming up, though experience teaches us that this insider info stuff is sometimes planted hype.
I see a cliffhanger season ender being set up. This arc won’t be resolved in one season.

TPTB need to calm down Quantum a bit, tho. He seems to have taken Tripp’s mindless rage on himself, while Tripp doesn’t seem as angry anymore. Maybe getting jiggy with T’Pol is helping.

Some of the upcoming eps focus on characters other than the main three (Quantum, Tripp, T’Pol). This could actually lead to crap, for I fear that B&B don’t know how to successfully hijack an arc while leaving it intact. Remember, some really shitty DS9 eps happened after their arc began.
So, anyways… your thoughts? Predictions? Wishes?

they haven’t saved it, but they haven’t ruined it, either, which is better than i gave them credit for. (yes, it is possible to ruin Enterprise)

Star Trek is a series about boldy going where no man has gone before. Seeking out new life and new civilizations. It explores stereotypes, issues, and character interactions. It has humor and silliness.

Enterprise started with that same premise. How do you trust an unemotional Vulcan plant? How does Trip to adapt be able to enter an alien ship? How unprepared are they when an alien takes core samples and another ship has to rescue them?

The theme song is our only guide to their vision - It’s been a long time, gettin’ from there to here. It’s been a long time, but my time is finally here. I do choke up a little hearing it. I know it’s silly. But it reminds me of how angry I was at not having someone to love. But I confronted that with some help, and had some faith of my heart. I now have a wonderful wife, 2 kids, and a zygote on the way.

I wonder what the vision is from B&B for Enterprise? It started off as Exploration but now I don’t know where they’re going and wonder if they do? NCB, I think that’s the main problem with hijacking an arc - how do they know where to return? What story do they really want to tell?

They’ve established good characters but need to explore them. Archer needs to find his White Whale and shoot it down or turn away. T’Pol needs some Kohlinar. She needs to be a foil like McCoy and Spock were to Kirk. Maybe Trip’s not doing the neuro-pressure right and it’s blocking off some blood pressure to the brain. They need to explore Reed’s control issues. They need to explore Hoshi’s feelings of inadequacy. Mayweather is the eager puppy type that probably needs to learn the hard part of command and responsibility by having someone die under his command. Phlox needs to have some wind removed from his sails and have someone die because of his incompetance. Everyone’s problems seem to be outside themselves - Trellium-D made T’Pol nuts, the MACO’s getting in Reed’s way, Earth attacked so Archer is okay to be morose. They need to mature as characters and the only way is to face problems that are of their chosing and fault and responsibility so that overcoming them makes them grow.

Unless the characters face themselves or issues, the episodes will just drift apart and we’ll say, “Hey, that’s cute,” but we won’t really care, and we’ll talk about how the technology doesn’t match the Technical Manuals.

Scotty, “Auch, whattya doin’ mon?” “Ahh, you set off a flare” and he smiles broadly. Spock, “There’s no chance”. Scotty, “Maybe, maybe not, but it’s a good try.” Spock, “It isn’t logical.” Scotty, “But it’s human.” {Very, very warply recalled} The scene came to mind just beacuse B&B can try this road and hopefully pull it out of its dive (or have calculatedly done this) and recover. I’ve still got “Faith…

Ah, they’re 1960s style “Gallileo Seven” rays

I thought the whole Xindi thing was supposed to be wrapped by the end of season 3…? maybe it’s just my imagination.

It is better overall.

As long as the other characters have some things to do this season that don’t interrupt the Expanse arc too much, I don’t mind seeing more of them.
We should, anyhow. The show isn’t supposed to be only about the big three (although if you ask me, there’s no such thing as too much Trip and I’m dyin’ to see “Similitude.” :slight_smile: )

Yes, things are hopping at and at the support subsite on

This nails it for me. (Hey Corner Case, have I said lately how much I’ve enjoyed your contributions to our Enterprise discussions? Welcome to the fold, again. :D)

In short, the fact that the producers were so willing to change direction in such a significant way means either (1) they weren’t greatly attached to their previous plan or (2) they didn’t have a plan.

The fact that there’s now an overall story is a good thing. I still think they’re neglecting and mishandling the characters.

I’m really enjoying the new direction the series has taken but then, I also stuck through Voyager until the very end. I just like Trek.

Romulan Starship Valdore

Still not as beautiful as the D’deridex class warbird but that’s one beautiful ship.

It’s the first art pic of it I’ve run across. Of course, I’ve not been looking, but I go to about 5 Trek sites a week. One would think I had seen it before.

It’s been around for a while - I looked up a picture of it at the begining of the year.

Yeah, this one is from about the time of the dvd release I think. I just haven’t seen it before.

That site has a real good one of the NCC-1701 Enterprise and the Fesarius.

I think it was bryan Eakers that linked me to the site.

Ever been to I go there sometimes when bored.

New to me. Thanks.

It’s a good board. Just be warned that it’s full of elitists and gamers.

That’s all my boss needs, another board for me to play on…

I don’t think they had much of a plan. Despite the “future guy” episodes, the first season didn’t seem to have much coherence.

Not that a long term story arc is necessary. Don’t forget, with the exception of a few two part episodes, almost all of the episodes of TNG were completely self contained.

Which is what it all really comes down to in the end. Yes, science fiction is about ideas, but when it works, it’s really about people. The ideas by themselves, no matter how interesting, become cold and sterile without the human element. Presented with the challanges of new technology, a change is society, or whatever idea you want to focus on, how does it affect how people live?

In fact, if the drama is good enough, we, as an audience, will forgive a lot. Take the Next Generation episode “The Inner Light”. From a purely science standpoint, you can nitpick the episode to death. But many people list it as one of the best episodes of the series because the drama is so compelling that they’re willing to look past its faults.

That’s what this series is missing so far and this season doesn’t look to be bringing it to us anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong; I think that this season is an improvement. But not because they have fixed what was wrong, but because they have gone in a new direction and have, so far, done a reasonably decent job of it. Passable action/adventure is better than bad SF that’s going nowhere.

Judging from the poor quality of recent episodes, I’d say this village has been destroyed beyond all abilities to save it.

I’ve been enjoying Enterprise immensely since Broken Bow and despite the occasional misfire, I rank it just behind Deep Space Nine as my favorite Trek show.

I attribute Archer’s recent volatile behavior as the result of the tremendous pressure he’s under, what with the Vulcans back on Earth constantly trying to get Enterprise recalled.

It will be interesting to see if he meant “I have to be human to save humanity.”