Is "Scandal" Intentionally Parody?

My wife watches Scandal, the show about the gorgeous black chick who handles all crises behind the scenes in Washington.

Is it supposed to be a self-parody of the political intrigue genre? Or is it just kind of shallow? Or am I supposed to truly get wrapped up in the stupid scheming and spies and hackers and soulless assassins?

We have an openly gay chief of staff who helped rig the presidential election, who came within a hair’s breadth of having his husband murdered (and by the way, a murder every couple of episodes), a Supreme Court justice who tried to have the president offed, a president who clearly is wrongly in the office, an amoral first lady who uses pregnancy and children as a way to manipulate the president…

I guess I answered my own question. Maybe my real questions are:

Can someone explain why they like the show?

Does Joshua Malina understand the show’s a joke? Or does he think he’s on The West Wing?

Isn’t this show run by the same people who do “Grey’s Anatomy”? That should explain everything.


I like the show because it’s an intense political thriller, with good writing and dialog, and well-drawn characters. The plot twists have come fast and out of left field and it’s constantly surprising.

Malina is important as the one character who’s not morally compromised (Fitz is, too, but Malina it the conscience of the show).

Olivia is also great as someone who is, basically morally upright, but who, in a fit of weakness, had it all collapse and has now gone over the the dark side to prop it all up.

And the character of Huck is by far the most fascinating person on TV. His “whiskey” speech is riveting.

At this point, it’s the best show on TV. Any political thriller deals with over-the-top elements, but I find that Scandal is juggling them perfectly and even seems to have a plan to deal with its twists and revelations.

I haven’t seen it myself, but I read an article in last week’s EW where columnist Mark Harris basically called it a masterpiece of over-the-top-ness.


Fitz (the president, right?) isn’t morally compromised?

Well, anyway, I respect your opinion. I guess I just don’t get the show. The plot twists are too ridiculous for me to care.

I saw the first episode. The black chick made Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Spock, and Columbo look like a dummies, but it turned out she had a weakness: [Dusty Springfield]The only boy who could ever reach her, was president of the U.S.A[/DS].

I lost interest. Was it a parody? I don’t think so – the creators were just punching above their weight class.

I agree with all of this, but Fitz is totally compromised. He killed Verna. His hands aren’t clean anymore.

Edit: Shonda’s best show. Best show on tv, imo. I mean I skip Archer for this.