What the hell is wrong with Scrubs?

I just got done watching tonights Scrubs and I am really confused. I only caught the last 15-20min. What was with all the bad acting and laugh track? Would someonl please enlighten me? I would be much obliged.

I missed the beginning too. I think it was suppose to be JD imagining life at the hospital being like a sitcom. Basically mocking how the typical sitcoms are.

Since J.D., Turk, and their girlfriends are such fans of sitcoms like Cheers, J.D. was reflecting about how much better life would be if it was like a sitcom. The majority of the episode had the laugh-track, cheese jokes, bright lighting, and happy endings that all wrapped up neatly, but in the end, the nice old man had lung cancer after all, Dr. Cox had to fire the friendly cafeteria worker due to budget cuts, and Turk and his girlfriend realized their relationship still had some rough spots. It jolted J.D. back to reality, but the episode ended as it began: with him at home watching a favorite sitcom, engaging in some much-needed escapism after the harshness of “real life.”

It started off so well, too. The impromptu lyrics about face licking to the “Sanford and Son” theme and “There’s nothing that says e.coli quite like exploding out of both ends.” Then it was the too-long sitcom lampoon, and with the exception of a very few good jokes (“Jordan’s talent is illegal in 27 states. Make that 28, Arkansas caved.”), there wasn’t much to laugh at. If I want to watch bad sitcoms, they’re easy enough to come by.

I was very pleasantly amused by how well Clay Aiken totally ignored image and ego to be a thoroughly loserish cafeteria worker in the “real” parts of the episode.

Sounds like they needed to run a disclaimer bug during the show to prevent panic from those who turned in the middle… :slight_smile:

That was Clay Aiken? Thanks for the explanations everyone. Now I know that I am not going insane.

Maybe I’ll actually enjoy next weeks episode.

Lucky dogs - Arrested Development and Scrubs were on here, than moved to a late night spot, then made way for the Australian Open tennis and HAVE NOT COME BACK. Bastards. My favourite hour of TV each week gone.

Don’t worry Shadi, You didn’t miss much .

I don’t know what just happened between my brain and my fingers but I meant to tell Don’t Ask, that they didn’t miss much.

Oh, I disagree. They missed Elliot (sp?) in a red lacy push-up bra, short skirt, and high heels. I did think the sitcom thing went on too long, but I liked they way they ended it. Also I had no idea that was Clay Aiken. I was impressed though; he really can sing.

End of season 3. Or it was close. What was the last show you saw?
I’m only just starting to get into it. And I love it!

Definitely went on too long, but it sure made you appreciate the usual caliber of writing of the show from week to week. (Not that I don’t already)

Though they wouldn’t break my heart if the kept the skirts… :wink:

Well, when I saw the previews that this week’s episode would be filmed in front of a live audience, I wondered why the hell they were sabotaging Scrubs.

However, after watching the show, I didn’t think the show could have done a better job. The segment lasted little more than 10 minutes and it was interweaved into the plot perfectly.

It was much longer than any one of J.D.‘s usual fantasies, but I think that it went on long enough to parody the ol’ Let’s Win The Talent Show and Win The Top Prize schtick. The writing in the show-within-the-show was amazingly bad, wasn’t it? I loved how the Janitor’s entrance riding in on the mop bucket got the big roar of approval from the “sitcom” audience and of course, Elliot and Carla’s bazooms and short work skirts. Damn, what assets those two have.

What does it say when J.D. is even more of a wonk in his fantasy than in real life?

Dunno why I love it people make up their own lyrics to “Streetbeater (The Sanford and Son theme)” but I do.

“Fred Sanford!
Fred Sanford had a son
and a tru–uck.
And a son named Lamont.
Da da da da DAA DAA da da dee.”

I thought it was beautiful. Perfect combination of an homage and a lampoon. Great, great episode.

It was kinda trippy watching JD’s sitcom fantasy back-toback with Committed, which is a typical sitcom.

I thought that was an absolutely great episode last night. I was actually thinking of starting a thread about the show today, even though I watch it every week, because I thought last night’s episode was so good.

It’s lagged a LITTLE this year, especially compared to last season with those Michael J Fox episodes, but last night’s was great.

Was the “lightbulb” episode this season? Total classic. I still crack up thinking about when all the surgeons left that room and the only one left was the janitor. And thinking about the director sniffing the air at the end.

I have only seen 3 or 4 episodes of Scrubs so far, all from this season, and I love it! I usually hate sitcoms, but I’m the HUGEST Arrested Development fan, and I can see why fans of Scrubs usually like AD and vice versa, and why they’re both so far beyond any other sitcoms… perhaps ever. What season is this, and how long has it even been on? Does Scrubs get good ratings? I know season 1 is coming to DVD soon, which I am looking forward to. It’s also good to see veteran character actor John C. McGinley with a regular role in anything.

Lou, this is season 4. I think Seasons 4 and 5 were picked up at the same time.

Scrubs has middling to weak ratings, but not in the A.D. category.

Looking at an episode guide, it appears that other than the first season, seasons 2-4 have only done 22 episodes.

I wonder will the show go to syndication next season? It will only have about 90-92 in the can.

As for last night’s episode, it was a funny idea that went on WAY TOO long. As my wife said, “I feel like they wasted half an episode of Scrubs.” So true!

I think stolichnaya said it best. Part parody, part homage.

Series Creator Bill Lawrence is definitely a sitcom fan (and thus JD and Turk are).

The sitcom part was cheesy, but the rest of the episode was gold.

Thanks to crap like this I have absolutely no remorse about getting my scrubs fix from certain websites (cough cough).