Is Seals, as in Navy Seals, an acronym?

And if so, what’s it stand for?

(Yes, you’ll be settling a bet!)


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Is Seals, as in Navy Seals, an acronym?

As opposed to a nickname?

Well, you might need to distinguish between navy SEALS and navy seals:

when referring to them, always spell it all-caps. they don’t like being called “seals.”

So, did you win the bet??

Unlike other Naval personnel, who have no competence whatsoever to operate in those environments.

And you don’t want to piss off a Navy SEAL!

I think it could be argued that SEAL is a backronym. It seems doubtful that someone thought of putting together sea-air-land and it just happened to spell out a stealthy aquatic mammal. It an then be argued that a backronym is not a type of acronym. (see Differences from acronyms in the wiki article).

Does anyone know for sure about this?

Certainly the vast majority of them have not had the degree of training that SEALS have had to operate in those environments. Is there some point to this post?

In other words, BACKRONYMS: Backward Acronym Conceit Kindly Regarded an Overdone Name, Yet still Mnemonically Stimulating

Oww. I think I broke something important inside my head on that one. Sorry.

SEALs were called SEALs the day they were officially formed.

OK, from now on we’ll call 'em SAALs


Actually I lost the bet.

(Thanks for nothing you bastards!:D)

I was sure it wasn’t because all the proposed meanings for the acronym sounded lame. Because they were all incorporating something for the ‘E’, and none were actually correct. Like this, ‘Select Elite…’, it just sounded too hokey to me.

Of course, we’re all Canadian’s so we don’t have much exposure. I mean, we hear the word, of course, but it’s not like we know any Navy Seals.

After hearing all the lame acronyms that were being tossed about, the aquatic animal just sounded more likely to me.

Thanks for setting me straight. When I googled I got predominantly aquatic animals!:smack:

Maybe if you’d stopped clubbing them all the time.

So outer space is off limits?