Is Sex with Aliens Creepy?

No creepier than sex with esnails.

I’m going to get labelled "The Infamous Thread Killer, or something, at this rate! That’s twice I’ve put the kiss of death on a thread, within the last week I think. :smiley:

I dunno. What is an “alein?” Or an “esnail” for that matter. Inquiring minds want to know! :slight_smile:

Depends on the alien.
Reproduction is a different story.

I have no opinion about esnails tho. Sounds sticky, but I lack data.

And a fascinating one, to be sure.

I swear it’s not my OP! The mods must have captured the thread starter and bundled him/her off somewhere. I was just rather unkindly mocking their shoddy spelling.

p.s. The OP could well be having creepy sex with Alein as we speak.:eek:

My husband doesn’t think so.

an alien
(not an alein)

Though few are aware of the fact, aleins and esnails are in fact interfertile. The offspring of a male alein and a female esnail is called an “alesnail,” while the offspring of a male esnail and a female alein is called an “esnalein.” Both types of hybrid are sterile and often exhibit congenital immune deficiencies, although they continue to be produced by irresponsible breeders. Unfortunately, there is a steady demand for such exotic crossbreeds from individuals who have grown jaded and tired of sex with normal aleins and esnails.

Sorry, ivan. Were you responding to that post that went “AAAAAAAAAH how do you post a bulletin?”

Yeah, I saw the original OP too. You guys shoulda disappeared the whole thread instead, just for poor ivan’s sake.

Sssshhh! You’ll ruin the joke!

Seriously, I think I’m going to lock this. We had a troll come through here, I cleaned up the mess, and I didn’t think people had seen his post or started replying. If anyone wants to ask the question for real, maybe even with correct spelling, go ahead.