Is Sheryl crow Righ? (Reduce Toilet paper=less GW)?

I’m puzzled about this latest celebrity anti-global warming revelation> Does using less toilet paper equate to less warming? What does Al Gore have to say? How many trees could be saved (if we all restricted ourselves to one sheet)?

I don’t know if she’s high, but I can tell you right now that if the choice is between either rising sea levels or not properly wiping my ass, I’ll go get my bathing suit on now.

ralph, I question your sincerity. I get the feeling that you are not so much interested in a Great Debate as you are interested in sneaking in some snark on green lefties, as evidenced by the urgent need to bring in Al Gore as quickly as possible.

It was a joke. I find it hilarious that so many people thought she was serious.
(Cite is one of those hideous “video only” things on CNN’s site)

Well, using less TP isn’t going to ‘save’ any trees. Those trees used to make paper are specifically grown to be made into paper(amongst other commercial uses).

No, Toilet paper is made from either recycled paper; sawmill waste or at least tree farm trees. If the TP is going into a septic system, it is actually acting as a carbon deposit. You have removed carbon from the atmosphere for a while.

To my knowledge, he has not commented yet. If I were you, I would not hold my breath waiting for his comment.
BTW: Al Gore is no more the Emperor of the Greens than Jesse Jackson is the Emperor of the African Americans.

In this case it does not actually matter much. TP comes from renewable resources. Please feel free to wipe your butt with as many sheets as you require.

Plant a few trees and you can do far more than reduce TP use. Besides decreased TP, use would probably lead to increased bleach use to clean underwear. This is not overall an environmentally sound idea at all.

Jim {Of course, you could just take it as a silly joke, like most people did}

Was it a joke? Or is that just backpedaling now?

The more self righteous and radical environmentalists propose things as ludicrous as this all of the time, and they sure aren’t joking. Indeed, the more strident among them are a pretty humorless bunch.

So when a proposal like this is, well, floated, how on earth are we to know whether to laugh along or laugh behind their backs out of politeness?

Come to Jesus time, Moto Raise your right hand and swear…solemnly swear, on St Ronnie of Bakersfield…that you thought she was making a serious suggestion.

She’s an activist/musician; not retarded. Of course it was a joke.

If her idea of a joke is something so retarded that she has to explain days later that it was a joke, then maybe she should stick to singing.

It seems that she only has to explain to some people that it was a joke, which probably says more about their intelligence than hers.

Of course she wasn’t serious. The only reason people are still talking about this is because during a rather heated discussion with Karl Rove last weekend, Crow touched Rove’s arm and he reacted like a vampire to a cross. The right-wing radio ranters and their ilk needed to find something to distract people and spin things their way and Crow’s lame joke was just what they needed.

I was always thought jokes were funny. This is not funny. Therefore it is not a joke.

Not all jokes are funny, this was just a bad joke. There are a lot of bad jokes.

Take a look, even the Op was a joke. Again a bad joke. Otherwise he would not have mentioned Gore.


Well, she’s about as good a comedian as John Kerry is, from the looks of it.

There was a thread here discussing the same blog post. It wasn’t perfectly clear to anyone looking at it that it was a joke until Crow “clarified” things. And if you have to explain your jokes, then they didn’t quite work, did they?

Wow - that’s what all the hubbub is about? A freaking bad joke? I turned on the radio the other day and Rush was on, and in the couple seconds it took me to frantically change the station, I heard him talking about the evil left-wingers who “won’t let us use toilet paper”. :rolleyes:

If I thought she used only one sheet of TP I wouldn’t want her touching me either. :wink:

He’s a pud.

Dude, she wasn’t doing stand-up. It was an innocuous little quip that shouldn’t have whooshed anyone but the most severely mentally impaired. Rove and his rag-tag team of morons use that sort of thing to try to make their opponents look bad. But it usually only makes Rove, Inc. look stupid. And humorless.

Count me in as thinking it’s just backpedalling. Of course it’s a moronic idea. But moronic and activist come together quite often these days. And it wasn’t funny.