Is Sidney Powell insane?

“There’s a bus in 5 minutes. Be under it.”

Nobody could have anticipated that the kraken would encounter someone holding a snake-lady head!

It’s like advent came early this year. A lovely little gift every day.

Like a little ornate Bavarian calendar, where you open the door and a there’s a cute little piece of poop behind each door.

Oh, but she had the whole Hugo Chavez angle covered. Who’s gonna lift that end now??

I bet this gets spun as her being a Democratic plant. Most likely this was done because of what she said about Georgia and the possibility that what she said could suppress Republican turnout for the senate runoffs.

She should have stuck to attacking the blue wall results and stayed away from talking about Georgia :crazy_face:

Wow, she didn’t even last a scaramucci. Speaking of whom…

Always nice to see that vaguely human-shaped pile of crap trying to slither his way back to legitimacy.

He’s not the only one. Just the latest (and bluntest) one. Not that it will save him.

And (checks new posts) just like clockwork, the wheels on the bus go crunch crunch crunch.

Sidney released a subsequent statement indicating that she agrees with Giuliani’s remark, and that she’s independently doing this all for (hashtag) we the people.

Well, not this person, thank you very much.

Not only that: it was Giuliani who released the statement.

“Too crazy for Rudy” will be written on her gravestone.

But…(dz, don’t put it in the crazy)… she’s kinda cute.

btw, what’s Orly Taitz up to these days?

Hmmm… Come to think of it, have Sidney Powell and Orly Taitz ever been seen or photographed together?

Hilarious. Anyone remember a time when scaramucci wasn’t the punchline to a joke? Yeah, me neither.

So many people joined the Trump team, only to have the Trump team throw them under the bus with their reputation in tatters pretty much for good. And yet people keep doing it. The mind boggles.

I’ve been developing my “Mule” theory in response to that phenomenon:

Unfortunately, unlike the Mule, he ain’t sterile.

I think I might have been the first one here (in one of these threads or another) to suggest, several days ago, that Trump is the Mule. But someone pointed out then that Trump probably would not know how to play a Visi-Sonar.

Also, the Mule was a benevolent dictator.

Sidney Powell got fired.

She had a disastrous interview with Newsmax. Now she is being mocked for not lasting as long as Anthony Scaramucci.