Is Sienna Miller even a star?

I don’t care enough about her to pit her, but since no one else has, I thought I’d just toss it out there for discussion.

As some of you may already know, Ms. Miller is currently in Pittsburgh, filming The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, and has been making herself very unwelcome. First she dissed the city in an interview, and more recently, she had a diva tantrum when she wasn’t allowed into a club without ID. Her mom pulled the classic “Do you KNOW who this IS?” routine, while flashing a copy of the Post-Gazette, to which the bouncer said, “Yeah, it’s the mayor.” :smiley:

Now, leaving aside for the moment the fact that in Pittsburgh, the celebrities wear black and gold, and the mayor is currently a quasi-celeb on account of his being so young, is Miller a big enough deal that she even has a reputation to lose by being such a donkey excavation? I’m not kidding when I say I didn’t know who she was before all this. It’s entirely possible that the bouncer genuinely drew a blank when she gave her name. She’s not Julia Roberts; she’s not even Lindsay Lohan. Does her name have any value when she’s not actually on set?

:smack: Since no one else has brought it up, I mean. Still don’t feel like pitting her, because the fact is, people in the Burgh are mostly having a good laugh at her expense.

On a small number of occasions I can remember my eyes skimming over a headline pertaining to the fact that actor Jude Law had fucked someone called Sienna Miller. Other than that, her name draws a blank.

Exactly. I think the paper was far too generous in calling her a “semi-famous actor, Sienna Miller”. It should have been “Sienna Miller, “actress” and sometime-girlfriend of moderately famous actor Jude Law.”

She was in the movie Alfie with Jude. In that film Jude has many lovers, she is one. Although the other women who play his lovers have real roles, her part, for some strange reason, is a montage of mostly still photos.

I first knew of her when she co-starred in the inexplicably short lived series Keen Eddie.
Now I just think of her as Jude Law’s Girlfriend and someone with terrible taste in clothes.

She got very famous over here as Jude Law’s girlfriend, for being vaguely pretty, and then, following paparazzi attention, as the pioneer of “Boho Chic” fad in the UK. I thought she looked pretty good then, and liked her style. In fact, she’s generally considered as having very good taste in clothing, though foxymoron’s pictures seem to belie this.

I don’t believe the gossip 100%. She’s 25, and they were giving her guff for not having ID while in the presence of her parents? She had called the place Shittburgh (well, maybe it is) and they’re out to get her.

I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but I think she’s a good actress (she ruled in Casanova, which was a good movie no matter what anyone says), and I can’t wait to see her as Edie Sedgwick.

This Pittsburgh movie also has Peter Sarsgaard in it, which means I’ll be going to see it. I hope they have at least one night shot heading east out of that tunnel on (I-70?) the west side of the river. Dark dark dark BOOM! Spectacular view! It’s breathtaking. I literally gasped the first time I saw it, driving through on my way to New York City. It’s one of my favorite nighttime cityscapes in the country. I never spent any time there though. Maybe she does find it really boring after New York and London. I probably would.

Anyway, I like Sienna.

shrug seems to be about the most emotion I can muster up for her. She’s a moderately pretty face and her style is interesting, but… eh.

‘Shitsburgh’ was–well, a pretty shitty thing to say, though.

Hmm. You all knew more about her than I did. I could tell you that I’d heard the name before, but that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge.

Perhaps she is more famous in the UK. In North America she’s certainly mostly just known as being the dimwit Jude Law cheats on, but I think she’s done more work in England.

Who the hell is Edie Sedgwick?

Just to clarify, are you suggesting that it is unreasonable to card a 25 year old? I don’t think I know any 25 year olds who shouldn’t fully expect to get carded when entering a 21+ establishment.

I get carded all the time, and I’m 31. In fact I believe many states have laws requiring that anyone who appears to be less than 30 years old must be carded.

Further, are you suggesting that because she was with a parent she should have been allowed in without ID? I know of no jurisdiction in the United States that allows minors into bars or 21+ clubs if accompanied by a parent- she wasn’t trying to get into an R-Rated movie. (Yes, I understand she is not a minor, but without proof of age, the bouncer was obliged to refuse her entrance.)

This was simple arrogant “Don’t you know who I am!?!?!?!?!?” bullshit. You seem to be suggesting that she was unfairly picked on for her keen observation that “Pitt” rhymes with “shit”. In fact, she was simply faced with the same rules everyone else faces when entering a 21+ club- it’s just that she thought those rules shouldn’t apply to her because she is so much more important than everyone else.

Well, she is in fact no more important than anyone else and has far from attained the public face, or even name, recognition that she should reasonably expect anyone to know who she is!!!.

Seriously, how difficult is it to carry you damned ID anyway???

Sometimes this board is just too depressing.

She’s one of a number of Brit celebs–others would include David Beckham, Pete Doherty and all the former Spice Girls and All Saints–who could cause a Beatlesesque mob panic by walking down the street anywhere in the UK or continental Europe, but could pass unknown over here.

I just watched Casanova and she is terrific in it. Isn’t that enough validation?

Based on your link, she was pretty much the Paris Hilton of her day. Why should we have remembered her?

I’ve never even heard the name Sienna Miller before. I’ve also never heard of Edie Sedgewick. I guess that makes her a natural match for the role.

She didn’t just make one pun. She relentlessly slagged Pittsburgh in an interview. Boorish and rude. If you can’t understand why that would bother people, you just can’t, but she was way out of line.

And while I’ve got my dander up, as much as it’s okay if some cultural reference is unfamiliar to someone, it’s also boorish to say, “Who the hell was so-and-so?” Leave it at “Who was Edie Sedgwick? Was she another actress?” or something to that effect. Don’t say “hell”; it makes you look stupid and arrogant.

No, not particularly.

Who the hell asked who the hell Edie Sedgwick is?

I can tell you that by and large, our response to Sienna Miller was a massive shrug. Most people had the same thought I did: “Who’s Sienna Miller?” I couldn’t be less interested in her opinion of Pittsburgh. She wouldn’t be the first person who ever said something mean about our town.

I think you mean the view coming through the Fort Pitt Tunnel on 279; it is an awesome way to get your first view of the city.

If you were on 70 and went through a tunnel around here, you might have been in West Virginia.