Is Sneezing Hereditary?

      • Someone noticed recently that I usually sneeze twice. They says they usually only sneeze once; their mom and dad both sneeze once. My mom and sister tend to sneeze once, and I know a lady that sneezes 3 (three!) times -undoes her do every time. - I dunno about my poppa. Both sets of grandparents are history, I nor my sister has any kids; my sneezing research is currently at a standstill.
  • How many times do you sneeze (outside of raging allergies)? - MC

I don’t know about the hereditary factor. My mother and my sister will usually only sneeze once, one of those little polite kind of sneezes that you see in your typical conservative WASP housewife. I, however, once I start sneezing, I can’t stop. I will average 15-20 sneezes in a row before finally stopping, and I don’t even have allergies.

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Photic Sneeze Reflex

Regular sneezes, beats me.

That photic-light sneeze reflex, though (looking at the sun or another bright light makes you sneeze), is definately hereditary on my mother’s side. For years I thought anyone could sneeze when they looked at the sun, until I found out that only my family can. Sucks to be them…I never loose a sneeze.


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Anyway, I sneeze 2-3 times at a go. And for what’s it’s worth, my son has sneezed 2-3 times at a go as well since his first sneeze. So, at least I guess he ain’t the milkman’s kid :wink:

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I personally think that the number of times you sneeze is hereditary. On the other hand, whether or not it hurts, now that’s a differnt story. Everyone on the Pedigo side of my family that is male, including me, seems to experience pain when they sneeze. Hell, if we aren’t think, the sneeze sounds like suck;
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