Why do I sneeze twice in a row when I sneeze?

It doesn’t seem to matter what sets the original sneeze off (dander, sunlight, etc.) but they always are double cannons. I think other people do this too. Ideas?

Do you sneeze real hard? I recall reading of a situation where some people sneeze a few times real hard for unknown reasons. I don’t recall where I recall reading it.

I almost always sneeze in twos as well. I’ll be interested to see the replies.

I don’t have a reason to give you, but I recall hearing many tears ago that most people, when they sneeze, almost always do so the same number of times. That is, some people always sneeze once, some always sneeze twice, etc…

The report I read said that scientists had observed this behavior pattern, but had no idea what caused it. Sorry, I have no idea what the source was; this was so long ago that it has now faded into the realm of “something I read once”.

FTR, I am a “two sneezer”.

Most of the time I’m a double sneezer, Ebenezer.

One time, though, I started sneezing at the Sanford, Florida airport and didn’t stop until I landed in Fort Wayne, Indiana two plus hours later. I’m sure you can imagine the dirty looks from the other airplane passengers…

I sneeze 3 times, because that is what I do . Don’t know why.

Me two. I thought I was the only one.

The only poem I’ve ever written:

I always sneeze
In twos and threes

(And, in reference to janeslogin’s note, I do sneeze quite hard.)

I sneeze like the Sith- always two, there are. No more, no less.

When I lived in Nashville, I sneezed 3 times in a row within 30 minutes of sitting down in my cube. It became a running joke in my office. Almost any time I sneezed, I sneezed 3 times.

2 1/2 years ago I moved to Phoenix. I don’t sneeze as often now, and now I sneeze in twos instead of threes.

I do this funny thing where a cough will turn into a sneeze. I don’t know if it is counted as one sneeze or twenty. They are sudden, uncontrollable, seem to last forever, and I usually end up with the hiccups afterwards.

When I “just” sneeze it is one at a time.

My name is Chefguy and I’m a double sneezer.

My wife is a serial sneezer and will let off a dozen blasts that can fracture concrete at 50 feet.

In addition to number of sneezes, are you a quiet sneezer or a shouter? My mom always always almost literally shouted “achOO!” when she sneezed, but my voice doesn’t really get involved when I sneeze.
What I really hate is sneezing and farting at the same time. That hurts.

Variable sneezer, I.

I almost always double-sneeze. So does my mother & her brothers. So did my grandmother. Some genetic factor at play?

I cannot actually provide any reasoning or factual information to help. I can only join the anecdotes:

I am a triple sneezer. Almost every time. If I sneeze twice, or Og forbid just once, I am in terror that my head is going to burst and I await the drop of the other shoe.

My dog would often sneeze when he was barking. <ROWF> <ROWF> <ACHOO!> Cracked me up every time.

I am a single-sneezer. Occasionally I will have a double sneeze but they’re rare. The second sneeze is always kinda half-hearted-sounding compared to the first, for me. I’ve never sneezed thrice in a row (except this one time after I vomited through my nose, but that was extremely abnormal and IMO doesn’t really count).

I am not a scientist but I suspect it has to do with the size and shape of your nasal cavity and the “trigger point” at which your nose decides to rid itself of dust. I have quite a small nose compared to average. Maybe people with larger noses and/or cavities have to sneeze twice to get out all of the dust? Just a hypothesis.

That happens to me sometimes. It feels like one of my lungs is trying to violently escape from my chest. Not fun

Occasionally, I will sneeze once…then have to wait for 15-20 seconds waiting for the inevitable second sneeze. In these cases I sit motionless, unable to do *anything *until that second sneeze comes. My family knows what’s going on, but if it happens at work I do get some strange looks…

You can chalk me up as another double sneezer (and pretty loud). I don’t know why.