Do sneezes always seem to come in two's?

Hello Everyone,
I just sneezed and of course, right on schedule a second sneeze followed the first one. This has been the usual pattern for as long as I can remember. I seem to never sneeze only one sneeze, it’s always two. I remember talking to my friends about this at one time and they reported the same experience. So, is it just me or is a “double” sneeze the norm? And if it is, why would that be? And yes, I am quite bored today.

With me, it’s usually three to five.

Mine are usually in the 5-8 range and let me tell ya, nothing impresses the women more than a man in a crazy sneezing fit.

Just wanted to share that bit of gold. I am usually a single sneezer but sometimes a double. I have seen people who can sneeze about 10 times in a row. It’s crazy stuff!

I heard or perhaps read somewhere, long ago, that most people are consistent in the number of sneezes they have. They might always sneeze once, or twice, or three times, but the number usually does not vary for any individual person.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where this tidbit of information came from, so I couldn’t begin to guess whether or not there is any scientific basis for it. I can tell you that 99% of the time my sneezes come in pairs.

In my experience, I usually have sneaky sneezes that come in 1’s, that is, I really don’t feel them coming very early and often don’t even have time to cover my mouth or turn my head. About an hour or two ago I sneezed all over my monitor this way, because of this.

However, if i feel a sneeze coming on in advance, it usually comes in twos.

I’d say it’s about 60-70% single sneezes, and the rest are doubles. So, I’m an exception to the rule I guess.

I’m a double sneezer. Almost always two.

I’m a tripler. Always three…

I’m usually a double sneezer. Occasionally more, very rarely less.

When I was young it was always 3 sneezes, but now days I either do 3 quick, loud sneezes, usually with some warning they are coming, or one massive hard sneeze that hits without warning. And by massive, I mean ear-splitting and violent. I got hit by one once that cracked my back from just below the neck all the way down because it bent me over so quickly. When I straightened up, everybody in the store was just staring at me in shock. (Including a few with their jaws hanging open.)

Nowadays 8 to 10 sneezes 40secs between sneezes - tried all sorts of methods to stop the fit to no avail and can’t figure out what causes the onset(do not suffer from hayfever)

two almost always.

One or two, rarely three.

Almost always three for me. The lady in the next office over sneezes only once, usually, but it’s very loud and high-pitched.

Almost always seven in quick succession.

I sneeze three times usually. I think people have sneeze patterns.

I either sneeze once or a whole lot (say a couple of times a minute for a few minutes, much like porqui describes). I almost never sneeze just two or three times.

While I can sometimes point to a particular cause (say, moving dusty boxes or mowing), most of the time there’s nothing obvious as a trigger.

Always one at a time. The only time it’s more then one it’s usually because I just walked out into the sun, and even then it’s still one at a time more often then not.

Except for when I have a cold I usually have one and done. Or I have 30. Very rarely do I have between that.

Usually one at a time, and it’s a doozy.