Is something changing links to products on the board?

In this thread:

Asking about converting a cable box output to RF, Doug K linked to a modulator in post 2, then I copied his link in post 16. Both those links pointed to the RF modulator on

Then when psychobunny posted the link of what she planned to buy, her link, my link, and Doug K’s link now all pointed to the same product on I reposted my link in post 18, but by the time I had posted it, all links, including hers were pointing to the same product on again. Is there some bot or app replacing links to products? Or is only in my browser?

See these recent threads.

psychobunny says she’s seen the same thing in the thread too. I see that if I go away from the thread, and go back to it, the links in posts 2, 16, and 17 will all take you to, and show that if you hover over them. But if you quote any of them, they all clearly are trying to point to

And if I click the “refresh” button on my browser, I can literally see the link in post 16 change from amazon to walmart. WTH?

Ah, viglink.

Looks like it’s viglink again. I use NoScript(Firefox) and when I allow viglink, the link goes to Walmart. Disallow viglink and the link goes to Amazon.