Amazon Links Morphing to wall mart.

When I try to post a link to Amazon, it morphs to a Wal-Mart link.

Is this being done by the SDMB?
Or is it something else?

There was a recent thread when this happened last. It was viglink.

Test link.

It’s not doing it for me even after allowing all scripts.

Viglink has an opt out system. If you opted out, then it won’t much with your links even if you have scripts enabled.

Last time this came up, I ran a few tests…I couldn’t get the redirect to happen on this machine, but if I went to my desktop, it redirected as described.
I’d be rather disappointed if I were a paying member and posted a link in the Marketplace for my product, and had viglink change it…since the Marketplace is a benefit for paying members.

Never opted out, I have NoScript and simply disallow viglink(among others).
Maybe my browser is reloading the Amazon link from cache.

trying it

Well, I cleared my cookies–so maybe that’s it.


I’m honestly surprised any place can legitimately do this. Add their own Amazon referrer link, sure. But change it to Walmart, which likely won’t even actually have the product in question?

The Powers that Be need to at least shut off this redirect, or at least disable Viglink in the Marketplace forum.

Heck, I’m not even sure the SDMB terms of service allow for such changes.

I’m amazed that Amazon hasn’t sued Viglink into oblivion over this.

Looking at Viglink’s website and Wikipedia page, I’m not grasping how it works and how it applies to the problems people are experiencing here.

I clicked on a link that went somewhere weird this week. Now it seems fine.

Please say I’m not understanding this… Please!

As I read the Wiki on Viglink, it scans the stuff I’m reading and inserts links to sites selling the product (or what Viglink thinks is a product) - for my shopping pleasure.

So, if I want to ask about a 2016 Chevy Malibu, the name “2016 Chevy Malibu” becomes a link to someone trying to sell a 2016 Chevy Malibu.

Is this what it actually does?

I really don’t want to see what it would do if I ask about camel spit…

Today, this has stopped with no action on my part (iOS 9.2 Safari).

Just posted an Amazon link in the thread below that is morphing into a link to “”.

Interestingly, a link to that single post does not change.

Does anyone else see the same?

Goes to www.rakuten… for me.

It went to Amazon for me.

I see the same. Amazon should send it’s drone air force and obliterate this company. That is wrong on so many levels.

ETA: I wonder of it will do the same on my desktop or laptop, or if all my script blockers will prevent the redirect. My phone doesn’t have all the plugins.

Tried it on my desktop. Ghostery blocks the change. Still, that’s really scummy behaviour.