Is Something Malfunctioning?

I’ve been seeing a lot of “broken code” inside the thread listings on various forums, mainly in the titles, once or twice in the right column where it shows the most recent poster in a thread, and once inside a thread itself where the user name and logged-in indicator usually go. Is something going wrong with the servers or something?

Everything’s working for me. Try a different browser and see if it’s something on your end.
Also, when you say ‘forums’, you’re talking about around the Dope, right, not other sites?

I’ve been seeing some weird stuff like that too just recently. For me it’s mostly been thread titles on a forum page that I’ve noticed. I’ve seen lots of text as part of the title - looks like what should be the mouse-over displayed as non-linked text with the title and titles split onto two or more lines that could have easily fit on one line. Re-starting IE (don’t judge) and clearing the browser history seems to work for me.

Once in awhile I will get nonsense symbols (instead of text) inside posts, but if I refresh, they go away. I assumed it was a browser problem, but then I don’t see it on any site other than this one.

Yep, just on here. Plus what sich_hinaufwinden said is a much better description than my post.
Except that I don’t keep a browser history (and I clear all the “secret” cookies and what-not every other day or so)

Probably network congestion.

I occasionally see the alt text for some of the images show up when the image doesn’t load for some reason. Is it stuff like “Sticky Thread” or “Go to first new post” and such?

And do you use Adblock or otherwise disable Viglink? I could see bad code causing something like that. (I assume the regular ads run in iframes. But, if they don’t, they could cause similar problems, too.)