Is Star Wars Legacy any good?

I was thinking of picking up the graphic novels. I am not a huge fan of the Star Wars EU but heard this was set in the far future after the Battle of Yavin which I found intriguing. Are the stories any good? Any and all input (without major spoilers) is appreciated. Thanks.

I haven’t read the actual graphic novels, but having read summaries of them on Wookiepedia, I wouldn’t recommend it. Without spoiling anything, the premise is that there that the Sith took over again, after a new slaughter of the Jedi and the Galactic Empire has risen once more (although the Emperor isn’t a Sith). In other words its a blatant retread of the Star Wars movies saga.

I’ve read them. They’re OK, as far as SW comics go. Which isn’t saying much, really.

The main bad guy has a stupid back story (Guess which planet, of all the inhabited planets in the Galaxy, he hails from. Go on, you’ll never guess!) and the idea of a benevolent Emperor got up my nose a bit, but it had some nice action scenes and some nice ideas, like the Imperial Knights.