Is Straight Dope Chicago dead?

The current column on the SD Chicago home pagestarts with

Unfortunately, the column is dated April 14, 2011 and has stayed there, unchanged, for the last two months.

So is the idea of a strictly Chicago division of Straight Dope World Enterprises dead?

No, not dead. But changing, as here:

Comedy fucking gold!

That quote does look vaguely familiar.

That said, I suppose that Cecil did say that the column would “become a lot more bloglike”, and there are oodles of blogs out there that don’t update for months at a time. So.

It would help if there was a link from the Straight Dope homepage. If there is one I couldn’t find it.

Can anyone else see the articles from before 2010? I click on them and I just get a blank white page.

Are there plans for Straight Dope blogs for other cities too?

Let’s go back to what Ed Zotti said back when the SDC site debuted:

Right now, I’m more concerned with the Chicago section staying afloat than with what might happen someday.

I’m better at supplying questions than answers, but I’d be happy to roll up my sleeves and help to make SD-Chicago a winning idea, if I can help out.

There were plans, even still relatively recently, but I cannot speak as to the current status of any of them.