Is T Bone Burnett An "Acquired Taste"?

My very first exposure to this very talented man’s work was a song y’all might consider a novelty tune.

I wish I could link you to it, but I haven’t been able to find it on YouTube.

It’s called The Mysterious Case of Frank Cash and The Morning Paper.

As I said, it was my first time knowing anything about him until O Brother Where Art Thou?, which of course, he produced musically.

Recently, though, in looking for music for my blog, I thought of him again and found this:, and Oh. My. God, that song just rang so many of my bells, I played it over and over.

So… are his talents so multi-faceted that one just needs to “follow” (for want of a better word) him across the genres?

Because, honestly, the last time I remember being this affected by a musician was when The Beatles were together.



Apologies: I’ts called The Strange Case…



I had never heard of him until it was announced that he was producing Elton John’s new album, a collaboration with Leon Russell. It’s called The Union, and it is absolutely unbelievably amazing. Obviously that’s not all T-Bone’s doing… Elton, Leon, and Bernie Taupin wrote the songs and both Elton and Leon play piano and sing on it, but if T-Bone can produce something like that, then he’s got a fan in me.

I’m very fond of T-Bone Burnett’s album The Criminal Under My Own Hat.

I’m also very fond of Sam Phillips. She and T-Bone were married for a number of years, and he produced several of her albums. You can hear her singing “River of Love” (the song in the OP’s link) here.

Thanks, Thudlow:).

" And I almost made you happy…"

Everytime I think I’ve seen or heard it all…

It’s stuff like this which makes me keep hangin’ on.

I really have missed out on a whole bunch of life, haven’t I?



He’s great.

I acquired a taste for his music when I picked up his first album, Truth Decay. (Here’s the CD.) Not sure why I bought it but I was blown away by the songs–& the production of his tunes. Note to self: Fire up the turntable tonight…

Not long afterward, he toured through Houston. At the time, the little company I worked at handled the mailing list for the club & often got free tickets. I told everybody that they had to see the show. It was badly attended (“who’s T-Bone Burnett?”) but he & his band–with Mick Ronson on guitar–blew everybody away.

Back in 1968, he played drums on Paralyzed, by The Legendary Stardust Cowboy. It was actually played on AM radio! (A few times.)

But he got better. His involvement with a record or movie always piques my interest.

With the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou and the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss CD Raising Sand, T-Bone has become a brand name…

He does seem to have the Midas touch as a producer. Those two CDs are incredible.

What’s interesting is that he, like other producers, are ALWAYS working. In the past few years, he’s done a TON of stuff, the Elton John / Leon Russell CD, John Mellancamp’s latest, the new Robert Plant, etc.