Is Telling People To Vote Electioneering?

I noticed in Chicago a lot of the libraries have early voting.

In the three different libraries, the clerk checking me out has told me, don’t forget to vote, we have early voting, you may want to go vote now.

Now they are not telling me who to vote for and they aren’t wearing any campaign stuff, it’s more annoying than anything.

If I felt annoyed, I might point out that as a felon I am not permitted to vote (in Pennsylvania). Liven up your librarians day! /hijack

Electioneering is telling you to vote for a particular candidate. You can’t do it at polling places.

So what you describe isn’t electioneering, since it doesn’t mention a candidate and does not take place in a polling place.

Well actully the early voting is right next to the check out desk. It’s like 10 steps over

I don’t know if “electioneering communications” are precisely the same thing as “electioneering” in Illinois, but the following part of the Illinois election code may give some guidance:

This is consistent with my general understanding of the term “electioneering” – that it means advocating a particular candidate or position on an issue.

I always thought “Vote early, vote often” was simply pithy commentary on the state of the electoral process in Chicago. I never thought it was so literally true!