Is the bible true/god real?

Please dont be offended, if you are, then move on to the next post. I have my beliefs, just curious of other’s.

Reported for forum change.

Great Debates is ‘the place for religious debates and (if you feel you must) witnessing.’

Actually, IMHO is the forum for polls. :wink:

As for the OP: no and no.

Till the change… Yes and yes.

yes and yes

“Parts of it” and “not likely.”

Yeah, but only that part about the Flood. Everything else is just made up!

I’m not so sure I believe the part about Jonah and the whale either.

Some parts of the Bible are true. Most parts are moral stories, allegories.

I find no evidence that God is real. If He is, then he’s a real asshole, by all accounts.

No and no.

some of the Bible might be true.

God, as humans often imagine Him, *almost *certainly does not exist.

Offended by what? And what are your beliefs? You’ve just posed a couple questions in your OP; you haven’t laid out any beliefs that could potentially offend anyone.

The bible has some truths in it, but overall it’s bullshit. God is not real.

If I ever meet a talking snake, I might consider believing it.

No, it’s all a fiction designed to sucker the gullible idiot

I’d just start waiting for my acceptance letter from Hogwarts.

So said the lab rats of their scientist keeper.

Absolutely yes.

Every part of the bible is true, especially the parts that contradict the other parts… those are double-plus true!

I’m offended by the thought that this might offend me.
but, …no the bible is real but fiction written by an uncoordinated group of people over a large span of years., god is real only as an idea