Is the bible true/god real?

I can’t answer this question until the we determine which version of the Bible we are talking about.
Never mind. I can. No and no.

So are you going to keep us all in suspense?..

What is “truth?”

The opposite of “dare”.

Is truth unchanging law?


To the first part, nearly all is fictionalized, with an occasional bit of history that happens to be true, but quite rare.

To the second, entertained theistic thoughts when a child, during early teenage years became agnostic (my wonder years) and stayed that way through most of my twenties, but atheist for the last few decades, and no turning back for me.

The Bible simply cannot be true because there is no such thing as “The Bible.” There are many, many different Bibles in many different languages.

God cannot be “true” in the same sense that unicorns cannot be “true.” Believing in something REALLY REALLY strongly does not make it “true.”

  1. What do you mean by “true”? If you mean all the historical contexts, much of it is true, but not all. If you mean all the religious pronouncements, only some of it has any validity . . . but you usually have to remove it from its context.

  2. What do you mean by “god”? The God that’s described in the Bible is not possible.

The parts about executing homosexuals, or women who aren’t virgins on their wedding day, are true. The parts about helping the poor are bullshit.

A minor level of scrutiny may reveal that your statement in and of itself isn’t “true” as well, no matter how strongly you believe it.

“Snow and ice are cold”. I REALLY REALLY strongly believe this.

Am I wrong? Is that not “true”?

Yes and YES!!!

And I am In AWE of HIM!!!

If it were true it would mean known reality was nothing more than a pre-ordained soul filtering system rendering all human endeavour utterly pointless. Fortunately there’s no evidence it being the case.

And the scientist keeper IS an asshole to the lab rats. The scientist might have a bigger overall goal in mind, but s/he’s not loving and caring towards the rats.

If you want to argue that humans are merely lab rats in some experiment, then I can certainly entertain that notion. I cannot say that I can believe in a loving, caring God who looks after His children and only wants the best for them.

The thing is, we’ve got these things called “thermometers”, which can dispassionately measure temperatures. No belief is necessary to get a temperature reading. Water snow and ice are what most people consider cold. However, if we want to discuss just HOW cold it is, we turn to measuring the items with a device which doesn’t offer opinions, just facts. Something which is -40 is colder than something that is 0 C/32 F. That’s a fact, not an opinion.

Let me expound upon temperatures. My husband and I will be in our living room, and I will say that I’m freezing, while he claims that he’s sweating like a pig. We are both truly stating our experiences. However, the FACT is probably that it’s 72 F in the living room, and our reactions are different (I have very poor circulation).

Generally, he’ll put the fan on, and I’ll go take my Nook and sit out in the sun if it’s summer, or in my room (with the room heater) in the winter.

Really believing something doesn’t make it false either. Facts and belief are separate things.

That’s kinda sad. When did you become such a defeatist?

OK, I’ve read that six times and I still don’t know what it means…

If you’ll pardon me, I’ll just step over here and try to divide by zero.

Facts exist irrespective of your particular beliefs surrounding them.