is the board often down?

i’m asking this coz to me, it does seem so.

So can someone tell me if it’s only me or if it is often down.

Is there any server upgrade soon to speed up the board?

Thanks in advance

It’s rarely actually down, just slow. The board membership is so large, with a high percentage of active posters, that any upgrades soon have all their available bandwidth eaten up. That’s what happened with the last upgrade, and I doubt there are plans for another any time soon.

There’s also scheduled downtime every night starting at 3:30 AM Central US time. It lasts about 45 minutes. That’s 3% of the time, so maybe you’d consider that often.

Scheduled downtime?
Ah. Mystery solved.

I’m not sure if you’re sarcastic Achernar, but I don’t live in Central USs; and have been accessing the board mostly during downtime. So that explains it; I’ll try and change my schedule.

Thanks anyway!

I am sarcastic quite often, but not this time. :wink: Good luck.