The board is down?

I’ve been cut off from the board or totally unable to access for more than an hour. Not the first time it happens, is it something between me and the board or was the board down for an hour?

Only to sound slightly snarky, but more in a teasing manner - if the board were down, how did you post your message?

On a cluttered board like the Straight Dope you need dramatics to attract readers.

I"ve been on the Board off and on since 7AM. It totally took a dive more than once, although it only went down for me for 5 mins or so at a time. You couldn’t even open the homepage of the SD. Bad server! Bad server!:slight_smile:

The Board goes down for you? Damn, I knew the Mods got some perks, but…

Hey! There’s no mandatory rotation, is there?

ETA – I have been informed that the idiom I’m thinking of is “goes down on.”

[Emily Litella]Never mind[/Emily Litella]

Sometimes the servers are down for maintenance/upgrade.

Usually we hear about this beforehand but not always, sometimes it just happens on the fly.

Everything seems fine now.

Sorry you were inconvenienced.

Well I just wanted to know if it was coming from me, maybe something on the string of connections. It happens from time to time for me for other US servers I go to.

Invaluable link which I always turn to when I can’t get through to a site.

Down For Everyone or Just Me?