Is the dollar bill's eye-on-a-pyramid the symbol of a secret society?

This article covers most everything about the theories except a few things it forgot;

-first is the text out side the symbol, this reads ANNUIT COEPTIS NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM for this I get a translation: The new order of ages declared things undertaken.

-second, and I’ll have to check my source on this, President Truman put this symbol on the dollar. By some he is thought to have been a member of the illuminati himself. I question the credibility of this.

The Master Speaks

Actually, Harry wasn’t there in 1929 when the new, smaller-sized notes came out with that design.

The symbols on the back of the dollar bill are, as the bill itself plainly indicates, the Great Seal of the United States, which, as Cecil states, has been around since June 20, 1782. This is the original document describing it, with comments by the designer.

For those who don’t understand heraldry, that means a shield with thirteen alternating vertical stripes of silver and red, with a thick blue horizontal stripe on top. The shield is being held on the breast of an American bald eagle facing the viewer (except the head) with wings and legs out, in natural color. Its right talon (left from the viewer’s direction) holds an olive branch and its left (viewer’s right) holds thirteen arrows. All of that is also in its natural colors. The eagle is holding a scroll in its beak; the scroll reads “E pluribus unum” (“From many, one”).

That means that over the eagle’s head is a golden sunburst, breaking through a cloud in natural coloring. The sunburst surrounds thirteen silver stars on a blue background, which make up a design.

“Glory” and “proper” as before. “Annuit Coeptis” means “…has favored [certain] undertakings”, the intended sense being “The all-seeing eye [of God] has favored our undertakings.” “Novus ordo seclorum” is officially translated “[a] new order of the ages”, though it is amusing to note that it can also be legitimately translated as “new world order”.

Thomson’s Remarks and Explanation

An “ordinary” in heraldry is a geometric design, as opposed to lions, eagles, etc…

It is important to remember that the Seal was adopted long before the Constitution of 1787 was even under consideration.

The usual arrangement of supporters, which are usually human, is to put one on each side

Thank you for the info on this, as I was unsure on some of it and the translation was my own. I am however relatively sure that novus ordo seclorum means new order of ages.

The English word “world” has a more complex range of meanings than its use in the last couple of centuries suggests. The traditional Christian tag, “…world without end,” translates Latin “et in omnia saecula saeculorum”.

Copernicus and the idea that the planets (in the Copernican sense of the word “planet”) are “worlds” like the Earth seems to have caused the word to be narrowed down from its original meaning, which encompassed “universe”, “era”, and even “life”. (Etymologically, it is “wer-ald”, i.e. “man-age”.)