Is the downloadable content for Beatles Rock Band as good as the original BRB game?

I’m considering buying a Wii points card as a gift for my brother-in-law. I think he will most likely use it to buy additional songs for Beatles Rock Band, since he and his kids love to play that together.

I have already looked at the song list for the add-on content, and some of the titles look like ones they would want to buy, but I am wondering whether the add-on content for BRB is as good as the content in the original game. Do the new songs have unique background graphics? Is the playability of the new songs good? (For some of the new songs that are available, it’s a little hard to imagine how well they will translate to the game).

If the add-on content will be a disappointment to them, I’ll plan to buy something else. Thanks.

Oh, yes, they have unique ‘dreamscapes’. And if you buy Abbey Road, you get the 13 minute jam, as well.

If he and the kids liked the original set of songs, they will be hungry for more and the DLC won’t disappoint.

It’s a bit of a mixed-bag, I’d say. There are unique graphics to the downloadable content songs, but I found them a little lacking. They just lacked the ‘wow’ factor that the ones that came with the game had. A lot less rich, a lot less visually stunning, a lot less creative, in my opinion. It all felt a little rushed to me.

The fun factor is still there for most of the songs, though, and it’s great to have new ones. There are several songs though, that you can see why they wouldn’t have made the original list. They just don’t translate to the game format very well. I doubt I’ll be burning to play Maxwell’s Silver Hammer or Good Morning, Good Morning too often.

That said, the Abbey Road jam IS a blast. I don’t regret having purchased any of the new content.

I’m using it on a 360, if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the responses. The kids are 4 and 3, so they’ll like “All You Need is Love,” “Polythene Pam,” “Carry That Weight,” and, yes, “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.” My BIL will get a kick out of the Abbey Road Jam - even if the kids don’t appreciate all of it, they are young enough that they still have fun just watching him play.