Is the Earth still creating oil?

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According to a study by several apparently credible scientists, Dr. Thomas Gold (founding director of Cornell University Center for Radiophysics and Space Research) and Dr. J.F. Kenney of Gas Resources Corporations, Houston, Texas, the earth may still be creating oil. Link to first article .

If they are correct, we may have a lot more time to go on the natural oil reserves of the planet than some have claimed:

There is a much more technical paper here

Am I reading bunk? Or might there be some validity here? I have no axe to grind either way…but it is an intriguing thought.

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It has been mentioned here before by people that seem to know about this stuff. My understanding is that it is an alternate fringe theory but not hopelessly crackpot.

I find it really strange that scientists still can’t agree if oil is created through orhanic or inorganic processes.

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