Is The "GOLAN-GLOBUS" "FILM" Empire Still Around?

I loved those guys! They made such hilarious, entertaining dreck! Does anybody remember such gems as “SURF NAZIS MUST DIE”/
Anyway, are those two schmucks still in business? I remember an old “60 Minutes” interview with one of these guys, and he was saying that the production company was so cheap they would’t spring for coffee and donuts (for the “actors”) in a morning film shoot.
So, will the names “GOLAN and Globus” still grace the silver screen?;j

Good question, ralph.! I eagerly await dopers with the scoop. After all, who could forget such classics as the Delta Force, Cobra, and Missing in Action I thru XXVI. :smiley:

I remember reading that they went belly-up (which for those two fatsos is no small feat) years ago. Of course, that’s not to say they haven’t re-entered the biz in some new incarnation. I too await the latest dope from a more informed poster.

BTW, their company was called SUN PICTURES… IIRC.

They also ran “The Cannon Group”.

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Holy crap! These guys were responsible for Superman IV, the Breakin’ movies, and the He-Man movie? AAHHH!!! Evil! Pure evil I say!!


This link describes the fantastic history of the two gentlemen in detail, and this seems to be a link to what is happening nowadays…

Read it and marvel.

Oh does this bring back memories…I worked a floor above Cannon towards the end (pre-Pathe) and used to go out on the steps to smoke with the executive secretary of Cannon.
Their offices (on Wilshire Blvd) looked like a bordello - red carpet, gold trim on anything not nailed down.
She and I used to laugh ourselves silly talking about the scams, the scripts, the B and C actors that would parade through those doors. I used to crack up just walking through their hallway to see the movie posters from films I had never even heard of (and some never got produced, but the posters looked damned good!)
Thanks for reminding me…I needed a good laugh today!

This is another interesting article about Cannon. The site’s got a number of reviews of Cannon movies, if you look around.

Just a side note: Cannon was responsible for Runaway Train, which was a genuinely good movie.

“100 million dollars!” was the stock answer as to what they thought a movie would make. From Masters of the Universe to Delta Commando.

I remember the 60 Minutes segment. They were at Cannes in a hotel room. On one wall was a dry erase board with a huge grid on it. In the left hand column was a list of movie titles, just titles, there were no scripts or even ideas behind them. In the other columns were names of investors and the amount of money they were willing to give in order to back each movie.

These guys could really work the capitalism.

My favorite G-G movie: “The Last American Virgin”.

Truly a classic of the USA network’s UP All Night.

I’ve forgotten how that movie ends though.

The kid is still a virgin right? And his buddy ends up deflowering the girl he’s been chasing the whole movie?
I also remember it fondly for having a really fat kid as the smooth heaps o’ pussy guy in the movie.

Good guy’s buddy knocks up the girl and dumps her. Good guy sells his stereo to pay for an abortion AND get her a birthday present. When the Good guy goes to her party, she’s all smoochy-smoochy with the guy who knocked her up. Good guy drives off, dejected and virginal.

One of the greatest unhappy endings ever!

I can think of one good film that they did…‘Barfly’.

Damn that is good.

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