Is the Health Care bill going to pass today? (March 21st)

This article doesn’t make me very confident that it will. From the article, appearances are that Dems have just barely exactly the number of votes they need–with several of those votes having good reasons to change their mind at the last minute, and many of them not even on the record as saying they’d vote yes this time.

Stupak has a press conference in 12 minutes. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that he would not be holding this press conference to announce that his vote is still “no.”

Interesting, thanks!

(He’s the anti-abortion one, right? Do any votes probably come along with him?)

Yes, he is. And most likely his vote will bring several other votes (or rather, the agreement that secured his vote will also bring other votes).

I think the last I heard was that he was claiming to have a bloc of 8 votes. I’m not sure if that included Marcy Kaptur, who committed to a yes vote earlier today. Or Joseph Cao, the lone Republican who voted for reform the first time around.

The bill will almost certainly pass. Sure there will be a few hold-outs till near the end but that is what happens with tight votes where the last few votes will want to extract the best terms. Ultimately the stakes are too high and Obama and Pelosi have too many cards for them to lose.

**Is the Health Care bill going to pass today? (March 21st)

With any luck, no.

As expected, Stupak and his bloc have agreed to vote for the bill. Obama has agreed to issue an executive order confirming that the executive branch will not use federal money to fund abortion under the language of the bill.

Just readthat there has been a deal between Stupak and the House leadership. I would say this seals the deal.

Just for the record, the same gloom and doom surrounded Clinton’s 1993 budget, which led eventually to budget surpluses which the Pubbies tried to take credit for, despite every single damn one voting against it. Some samples:

On Medicare:

On Social Security:

As we say around here: How’s that workin’ out for ya?

I believe Cao has already said that he won’t vote for the bill this time around (and probably not coincidently, not run for re-election in his heavily democratic district).

Agree that with Stupak, the bills pretty much assured passage. Next week we can finally move on to arguing about something else.


We can move this thread to GQ. :wink:

Dems Grow Pair!
Film at eleven.

In other news, BatBoy and Bigfoot announce gay wedding plans.

That’s ridiculous… gays can’t marry.

In DC, they can now. Right in the Capitol rotunda if they want. Or visible through the same windows through which, not that long ago, one could see slaves chained together being led to the auction.

Times change, times change …

Next on the agenda for Dems: the compulsory gay marriage act, hopefully it will be quick so we can move on too the War on Jesus and the America Sucks everyone else rocks proclamation.

Are you saying it’s time to legalize gay sex slavery?

Intrade is giving passage a 97 percent probability. If anybody has any doubts at this moment and wants to bet money on it, now’s your chance. :smiley:

And let all those fat Southern Baptist preachers who denounce it in the pulpits in their TV studios, and then go home and do it, off the hook? Not yet, not nearly yet …

Ooooh… gays can only marry the opposite sex, then commit adultery by having gay slave sex in between their nationally televised sermons. This is getting complicated.