Is the hurricane affecting Tennesee?

We dont get very detailed weather for the states up here, and can any of you americans tell me if there is any dangerous weather in the Nashville area?

Nope, Nashville is peachy

FYI, the web is an amazing thing. :slight_smile:

That strong warm wind that smells faintly of a McMuffin and tea is just me letting out a huge breath I have been holding for two days…

Thanks omni!

how do you find all these websites? Just a simple query? How do you sort through all the crap? I am still very new to the net.

Actually, I just randomly typed in and wah-lah. Up pops he weather channel’s website. Thats always the easiest way to find something fairly obvious. Occasionally you’ll get porn because of some industrious squatter, but if it doesn’t work search engines are useful. For your day to day info the personalized search engines are great let you use their news reports and weather for anywhere and includes auctions and most general info you could ever need. Now getting hard facts on scientific topics is another animal all together.

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Nope again,

Kellibelli, I think it’s heading in your direction.

Therealbubba-CBC weatherman

Damn it. My Excite

Well actually, Tennhippie double dawg dared me to go visit him, so I guess there will be a big storm blowin into town. :wink:

I hope he has braced himself.


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It is headed my way, I am all the way up in New Brunswick, and we are getting a heavy rainfall and wind warnings for the next few days…we always get a little slap from the hurricanes, very seldom do they have enough wind left to do much damage though.I am not complaining! I wonder why people still choose to live in Florida though…it must be a real pain in the ass, those damn hurricanes.

The best weather site I’ve found is

Live radar and nexrad. It’s fascinatin’

I’m in the Easten most part of TN and the past 2 hurricaines have had minimal impact on the weather. A bit cloudy y’day…crystal clear and gentle winds today. The last hurricaine did cause a one day mild rain which may have been due to a front moving in from the West.

Having lived in Florida for the past 23 years, I can tell you that hurricanes are only occasional nuisances. The worst I’ve ever personally been affected is when Andrew blew through. Luckily it veered south of us at the last minute and only blew down some trees around my neighborhood. Besides foliage, I’ve never had any kind of property damage.

Besides, at least we get significant advance warning of hurricanes. We can choose to board up our houses in preparation and get the @#$#% out of town when a Category-5 storm is headed our way. I can’t imagine living somewhere like California that has to worry about a sudden massive earthquake.

Now, how you Canadians can put up with all that cold weather and the blizzards, I’ll never know…

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Really, thanks Gas, my folks are in Nashville for the week, and I am having some adult size separation anxiety. All the websites in the world dont set my heart at ease like an eyewitness.

kisses to you.

A weather site I like is:

More or less live feeds from the weather satellites.

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Tennessee looks all clear. For now. When I was in Clarksville a Tornado blew through Nashville. I thought it was just windy :slight_smile: When it rains it rains buckets of water, had to pull over because I couldn’t see the road. I don’t think Tenn has to worry about Hurricanes other than lots of rain. I was there when 2" of snow fell and the whole state shut down.

Do you have friends or family in Tenn?

Man, when a girl asks a question, you guys really come through!

Amazing pic. :smiley:

And yes, my Mom and stepdad are in Nashville for a week, then are driving back to New Brunswick.

I’d be willing to be that Tennessee has NEVER been radically effected by a hurricane, aside from maybe a storm dumping a lot of rain on the area. I mean, Raleigh is 150 miles inland and we have been hit with only one hurricane - Fran three years ago, and it was a category one - in 80+ years.

Floyd didn’t do much here - case in point, I’m posting! But I still got the day off - YOO HOO!

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Satan: We got hit by Opal (Tropical Storm Opal, that is) a few years ago, here around Chattanooga. Schools were closed for 2-3 days, IIRC. It was still officially a TS when it went through here.

Dennis and Floyd haven’t changed a thing, except 30mph wind gusts. Still no rain! Maybe my storm next year (Michael :slight_smile: ) will do something.

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Exactly my point. It was not a hurricane by the time it hit you. I know it’s semantics, but that’s what I was trying to get at.