Is the Iphone 4 8gb good enough for me in 2014?

Most likely going to purchase one on ebay because they dont have a 4s 16gb available or virgin mobile. They only have the 4 and 4s and only 8gb.

iphone 4 with 8gb cost 160+ tax

iphone 4s with 8gb cost 280+tax
So how much should be the max i pay for an iphone 4s with 16gb used? Lets say the condition is very good to excellent.

Is the Iphone 4 8gb good enough for me in 2014?
Deciding it over and over again. I had ipod touch and used it for music and wifi. I was deciding on a month to month plan without contract so its either virgin mobile or t mobile. I previously had an optimus v android phone with virgin mobile paid 35+ tax a month with the 300 min plan and unlimited everything else. Phone is very very slow. I had cancelled my cell phone before i left to usa before coming to canada. I stay at least 3 month+ here at a time.
Here in canada, i only have a landline phone. I have no cell phone… i dont really need it. However, i would want some type of phone or device when im walking around outside since theres wifi available in many areas. So im heading back to the usa to get an iphone and then coming back to canada. I basically wont be activating a plan with an iphone so will be using the iphone without paying a service. However, when i do get back to the usa… i might activate it but basically im using the phone without a plan in canada and i might head to mexico. Other thing is b/c i want to have an iphone, which i never have one.
I also know with an iphone you could use it just like a phone if you have wifi service. So you could check internet and make phone call as well via skype etc and other things. So basically even with an ipod touch, i could do this but i rather have an iphone.
I read a lot of ppl mention iphone 4 is way too slow for ios7 and other things. I have no idea what ios7 is etc. The thing is all im planning to do is use it for web browsing when have access to wifi, check email and other stuff. I do not play games however at all even with my ipod touch. There were apps that i downloaded but then again, i rarely used much of the apps.
If that is the case, would the iphone 4 be perfectly fine for me? The only thing i care about is if it could be used as a phone, checking sites and clicking on stuff would be okay to decent speed, hearing music etc. I do plan to take pictures and maybe record some videos but i rarely ever did this. I know this takes up lot of space. I dont think i would ever go more than 3gb of music… so with 8gb… i think 6.7gb are free… and with apps and other stuff i think i should be fine?
I did read ppl say you wont get the full iphone experience with 8gb and need minimum 16gb. However… i would be using this without a service for quite a bit… at least 3 months very good chance 1 year or more as i would be outside the country. So is it fine to just get the iphone 4 8gb? I dont use lot of stuff that ppl with iphones use such as download bunch of games and other stuff and store tons of videos. I mean i might have a few videos saved but i dont think i would have much. And couple with the fact im not going to have a plan with it… does it make sense just getting the iphone 4 8gb one is fine? Because whenever i do need it later… i can always sell it and get a new one?
I read ppl say iphone 4 is very slow b/c its single core and the 4s is dual core. Is that a big difference? The thing is as long as it isn’t that slow and internet is decent speed im fine. I did had an optimus v android phone and it was VERY SLOW… does anyone know if the iphone 4 would be that slow like the optimus v?
Curious what you guys think about my situation here.
With virgin mobile,

Iphone 4 8gb is 160+tax new
Iphone 4s 8gb is 280+tax new

Iphone 4s 16gb used on ebay would be 260-300 most likely
I just feel like no pt in shelling out more money extra when im probably never going to use it like those iphone users who use it a lot.

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Is the Iphone 4 8gb good enough for me in 2014?

How much should be the max i pay for a used Iphone 4s 16gb?

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