Is the Nintendo Switch likely to have good RPGs?

I enjoy my Nintendo 3DS because of the huge library of turn based RPGs. There’s Dragon Quests 4-9, 5 Etrian Odyssey games, several Shin Megami Tensei games, and numerous other turn based RPGs available for the system. Is the Switch likely to eventually develop this type of library, or is the turn based / JRPG dead? I’m looking for speculation as to what you all think will be likely in future game releases for the Switch as well as recommendations for current games that are already out. I’ve also heard that some old school NES and SNES games may eventually make their way to the Switch. Is there any truth to that rumor, and are those games likely to include some old school JRPGs that aren’t yet out on the virtual library for 3DS, or will it be the same library remade for the Switch?

I adopted my son’s 3DS just to play the Dragon Quest games, because I loved the Dragon Warrior games so much on the NES. I even resurrected our old NES (which had been in a cardboard box in storage for I-don’t-know how many years) to replay all the Dragon Warriors recently. Had the best time doing it, too.

I don’t know what the titles will be, but supposedly Square Enix (the company that did Dragon Quest, and that was originally two companies, which did Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy for the NES) is releasing RPGs for the Switch.

That’s the best I have to offer. There are probably MBs dedicated to Nintendo that would have more information.

I’m not a JRPG fan, so I haven’t picked it up, but Octopath Traveler got good reviews.

I’m about halfway through Octopath, and I definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of turn-based RPGs. The only other ones I know of are smaller titles like I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear. If you expand the styles you’ll consider, then you can start to look at things like Xenoblade 2 or Mario & Rabbids.

Since the Switch is successful, there are tons of things being developed or ported over, so I think it’s a good bet that you’ll find things you like. Heck, they even announced a Diablo 3 port today.

Dragon Quest 11 and SMT 5 are both coming to the Switch, but they’re pretty far off IIRC. In fact I think DQ11 was the first title announced for the Switch, back when it was still the NX.

Dragon Warrior 4 on the NES is one of my favorite all-time games, period. One summer as a teenager I was totally addicted to that game. It was brilliant and innovative for its time. I mean, you spent some time as a shopkeeper buying and selling equipment to adventurers and just having a regular day job. How awesome was that?

Most people I know think that Nintendo’s plan is to eventually fade out the 3DS, perhaps starting when the next iteration of the Switch come out (the Switch Lite, for example). In other words, it’s going to become Nintendo’s console and handheld flagship. As such, any game series on the 3DS is likely to go on the Switch.

It makes more sense than Nintendo developing a new handheld that would be not as good as the Switch when it comes time to replace the 3DS.

Disgaea 5 is also on the Switch (with Disgaea 1 Complete to be released sometime this fall). It seems the plan is to include some more JRPGs on the platform as it has been selling well in Japan and that’s a good way to continue those good sales.

Did you guys see Dragon Quest XI is coming to Switch? Not on its initial release date, but it is announced.