Is the pentegon putting words in the Iraqi's mouths now?

They get one quote and use it over again? Or is the quote totally made up?


Put one vote down for “complete fabrication”.

Which may be spelled “innocent fuckup”, “lazy reporter”, or “evil plot to deceive Americans.”

Guess what the cynic in me is saying.

Did you spell it Pentegon to stand for eeevillll, or is this a slow Bush bitch source week?

In any case, is the quote false? :rolleyes:

The fact that it’s “an unidentified Iraqi” and the fact that the subject of the quote was changed indicates that it is. In my mind, anyway.

In my mind, I’d say that it’s probably false… but it could be a simple SNAFU and an old quote was reused while a new quote was lost. I’ll wait till I see more evidence, but I don’t have high hopes.

“unidentified Iraqi” or not, the terrorists are attacking the infrastructure, the children and all of Iraq. The religion part could be debated, but those slimebags are enemies of humanity and are without ethics.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m sure the Pentagon has a bag o’ quotes on hand, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they reached for the same one twice. And it does look that way. I’m just saying, either way, the quote is somewhat true, fabricated or not.

Then again, it really could have been an unidentified Iraqi, and an honest administrative error.

True. That’s not a revelation to anyone. On the other hand, the kicker - “They have attacked my community today and I will now take the fight to the terrorists.” - has significant PR value and it’s easy to understand why someone might fabricate it.

Wow. Even Army reporters don’t dare venture outside of the green zone now.

Look, just because it’s not what the unidentified observer actually said doesn’t mean it’s a conspiracy. It may be as simple as a lazy interpreter who came up with a paraphrase covering the kind of statement someone might make after an incident like this. Sure, they might be saying what the army wants to hear, but that doesn’t make the army a bunch of liars.