Is the piano work from 'make you feel my love' by Adele from a different song

The piano work sounds vaguely like a different song I have heard before, either an 80s song or a christmas song. I don’t know music so I don’t know anything about the tempo, scales, etc.

But it sounds vaguely sampled. Does anyone know if there is another song with similar piano work?

First off, it’s a Bob Dylan song. And that’s pretty much faithful to the original tune.

I don’t really listen to Bob Dylan, so I didn’t know that. All I can find is the Dylan/Joel song on youtube, and the piano work isn’t really the same.

But since the song has been covered by dozens of artists, maybe I heard an earlier version.

That is the most likely thing in my opinion. The chord changes do seem familiar, but I’ve been listening to the song for fourteen years. Maybe that’s the thing, it’s a piano version of simple chord changes likely composed on a guitar originally.

This may sound crazy, but I think it reminds me of this.

The first few chords sound like (You make me feel like) a natural woman, which Adele covers, by the way.

Well, if we’re just talking chords, I’m sure those have been used quite often. Songs reuse the same chords all the time.

(Not that this song uses the Awesome 4 chords)

Sound like a slower version of Answer Me by Barbara Dixon, amongst others!

Actually more like the Nat Kink Cole version.

To me, the intro sounded like Elton John was about to start singing…

Check out a song by Leon Russel called Think Of Me. He’s the man who wrote hits like Mascarade, Superstar, and Song For you. He has a song that sounds very close to Make you feel My Love.