What does this song sound like to you?

Bonfires on the Heath by the Clientele.

It sounds uncannily like something else…almost as if they cribbed the chord changes directly from a different song. Pink Floyd? Steely Dan? There’s something about those guitar chords especially at 0:38, which is highly reminiscent of some other distinctive song.

Anyone have an opinion?

John Lennon

I cant remember the name of the song. “avawa kowa fussy, fussy”

I never knew what he was saying , either.

That damn electric piano sounds like it was taken straight off a Steely Dan track.

The slide guitar does remind me of “Speak to Me” at the beginning of Dark Side, fwiw.

Yes. It’s a combination of that, and Razor Boy by Steely Dan. Hear vibes solo at 0:34 especially. It’s like those two songs got together and had a child.

#9 dream


The vocals were a bit like Lennon or possibly Oasis.

I’ve been working out the chords and it seems like the first 38 seconds are conventional V-ii in D major, i.e. A-Em-A-Em etc., but the chord at 0:38 is Dm, a brief modulation into another key, then back to the Em-A-Em.
Reminds me of “Listen” by Tears For Fears, or Pink Floyd, as you say.

Oh yeah - and a lot like Wicked Games by Chris Isaak, also.

Seconded. The slide, not the song as such, reminds me also of “Remember A Day”. BTW, not a bad song (the song from the OP).