Is "The Proud Family" a joke?

“The Proud Family” is a cartoon on Disney. The main characters are an African-American family. But after watching an episode of it, it’s almost comical how stereotypical it is–and I think it has to be some sort of joke. Some of the stereotypical characters:

  • A mother who dominates the father and a and stupid father.
  • A chubby, “sassy” African-American girl who has 10 siblings.
  • Asian-American girls with buck teeth and a father who forces math on them.
  • A dorky, awkward white girl.

The plots of the show are comical because they’re stereotypically overly-PC and innocent.

Is “The Proud Family” some kind of joke between executives?

It’s obviously not an inside joke since you & I both caught it.

One joke that kiddies watching it surely do not get- Old Pappy with his purple suit, green hair, maniacal laugh, only speaking in Spanish & sporting a CESAR ROMERO mustache!

In particular, the “file sharing is evil” episode was just plain bizarre.

A lot of the crap that is doled out to kids these days does nothing to eliminate stereotypes. Just replace them with politically correct stererotypes.

Well, “Dad’s a bumbler and Mom’s the real brains behind the operation” is a standard stereotype of a majority of modern sitcoms, so this one is nothing special.

As to the others, yes, I think part of the deal is that we’re supposed to recognize the old stereotypes from TV past, in a “corrected” version.

In the case of the kiddies who may be too young to catch a prior reference, the justification may be one of “reverse psychology”: by overcartooning the stereotype maybe they’ll realize people are NOT like that. And children today probably are quite aware that the super-inclusive world of officially-sanctioned reading/viewing material does not really reflect reality.

Is the idea of a funky grandma a common stereotype? Proud Family features one.

Think of Mother Winslow from Family Matters. A funky grandma if there ever was one.

Blacks Grandmas have been funky since Spike Lee created Grandmama for Larry Johnson. And earlier than that.