Is the Spongebob movie canon?

Does **Plankton ** really have the secret formula for Krabby Patties or is the movie considered outside continuity?

I haven’t seen any new episodes of Spongebob that came out after the movie was released, but…is Spongebob manager of the new “Krusty Krab 2”? Or is he back to fry-cooking at the original (and only?) Krusty Krab? Those ought to be better continuity indications than what Plankton does or doesn’t remember.

Nick shows aren’t really that concerned with continuity.

“Spongebob” “Canon”? Two words that, when used in the same sentence, really show you have too much time on your hands. :rolleyes:

That’s what Squidward said.

The question was asked in a spirit of humor; nonetheless your reply seems needlessly snarky in a forum where fine points of continuity are obsessed over WRT to comic books and TV shows.

It is canon but the movie takes place in the future so the events have not come to pass.

But the will.

Perhaps he meant :smiley: instead of :rolleyes:

Spongebob Episodes themselves dont practice continuity.

Then again, if you can figure out Spongebob’s age be my guest.

Meeko: my guess is that he’s about 10, but Bikini Bottom has very regressive child labor laws. Which is why Mr Krabbs can work Spongebob 24 hours a day at the Krusty Krabb for pocket change (Spongebob is “Just A Kid”). Then again, he is considered independent and responsible enough to live by himself and to learn how to drive a boat.

This is indeed a vexing question.

The special features on the Spongebob movie DVD address this to some extent. No specific age is given, but Spongebob’s creator does say that Spongebob is an adult albeit one with a childlike outlook on life.

Spongebob has a male and female parent which sort of makes me wonder how he was conceived going by my rudimentary knowledge of the sponge family.

Maybe he was adopted.

But I thought everything was chrome in the future?

Uhh … will triumph?

Sorry, but I died during that earlier post.

I got better.

Well, we know Spongebob’s grandma (Marion Ross) is also a sponge, so I guess we can ask his parents.

According to IMDB his date of birth is 14 July 1986, making him 19 this year. Of course this date is taken from a dream sequence so it may be wrong. But then again, it is Spongebob’s dream, and you think he would know his own birthday, even when he was asleep.

I have been thinking about some of the major Spongebob characters and their biological classifications.

The average citizen of Bikini Bottom is a generic fish. Interestingly, though, almost none of the major characters (Spongebob’s friends) are fish. Spongebob is a Poriferan, Patrick is an Echinoderm. Squidward is a Mollusk, Mr. Krab is a Crustacean as is Larry the Lobster. Sandy and Pearl are both Mammals. The only fish I can think of among the recurring characters is Mrs. Puff.

Most of these characters are low on the socioeconomic scale, working as they do in the fast food industry. Sandy is clearly a first generation immigrant. Patrick is apparently unemployed and presumably on welfare.

Are we to assume that there are class distinctions made in Bikini Bottom based on what biological group you belong to? Are Poriferans and Mollusks doomed to be fry cooks and other low status occupations?

I wonder why Spongebob’s relatives are natural sponges and he’s synthetic? Maybe he is adopted.

Riiiiight. And you opened an obvious Spongebob thread just to be a snarky ass to its participants. So what does that say about you?

Spongebob … canon … bzzt! pop! geek … overload … WARNING! WARNING! KA-BLAM!!!

…bits of Evil Captor float gently to the sea bottom …